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The Pro-Life Case for a Second Term for President Trump

By Cheryl Sullenger There can be no doubt that President Donald J. Trump has done more to advance a pro-life agenda than any other President in U.S. history. It has been the philosophy of the Trump Administration since Day 1 to establish policies that respect and protect innocent life from conception until natural death.  “President […]

New Mexico Taxpayers Funded 5,897 Abortions At A Staggering $791,123.32 From 2017-2019

By Tara Shaver, Albuquerque, New Mexico – Newly obtained Medicaid data by Abortion Free New Mexico reveals that from 2017-2019 state tax payers paid $791,123.32 for 5,897 abortions. The data was acquired through a public records request and also includes the names of 95 doctors, midwives and nurses who were paid by the state for the procedures. In addition to free-standing abortion facilities, nine hospitals were also paid for […]

Shell Game: Steven Chase Brigham Seeks to Avoid Paying Judgment in Mishandled Chemical Abortion Case

By Cheryl Sullenger Baltimore, MD – What was thought to be a closed federal lawsuit against discredited abortionist Steven Chase Brigham is open and active, according to court records recently obtained by Operation Rescue. The documents revealed more information about Brigham’s nefarious business dealings, which have kept him active in the business of abortion despite […]

Late-Term Abortion Clinic Involved in Baby Parts Trafficking Sends 35th Woman to Hospital

By Cheryl Sullenger Albuquerque, NM – An ambulance was called to the Southwestern Women’s Options abortion facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico, yesterday for a woman suffering from a medical emergency. The incident was first reported by pro-life activist Patty Woodworth on her Facebook page where she posted several photographs of the incident.  The woman was […]

Unsealed! Newly Released Video Testimony Shows Admissions that Planned Parenthood Illegally Trafficked in Aborted Baby Body Parts then Lied to Covered it Up

By Cheryl Sullenger San Francisco, CA — Sixteen unsealed excerpts of sworn video testimony from Planned Parenthood executives was released yesterday by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), which shows in their own words that Planned Parenthood was involved in obtaining “donations” of fetal tissue organs from women having abortions, only to illegally sell it […]