by Ricardo Pinedo

Another medical emergency happened after a failed “safe” abortion procedure in Illinois -– a state that is now known as an abortion destination state. This botched abortion emergency occurred at Family Planning Associates (FPA) in Chicago. A 28-year-old woman was taken to the hospital after a clinic staff caller reported an “injury to her uterus.”

Cover-Up and Collusion?

According to the employee who called 911 (records provided courtesy of Pro-Life Action League),  the woman was stable and just needed to be taken for overnight observation to Northwestern Hospital, where their “doctor is on staff.” Did they choose that hospital so their abortionist could cover their tracks after the botched procedure? 

The patient was presenting with “some intra-abdominal bleeding,” the most common type of injury related to surgical abortions. Intra-abdominal bleeding refers to internal hemorrhaging in the peritoneal cavity, the area that houses most of the abdominal organs, including the stomach, spleen, liver, and parts of the intestines. In this situation, the internal bleeding in that area of the body was caused by perforation of the woman’s uterus.  

Though the caller stated the blood loss “wasn’t much,” this abortion facility has a history of using any mechanism possible to cover up the presence and severity of injuries sustained.  

Another interesting aspect of the 911 call reveals that this abortion facility usually calls another transport service, but there were no vehicles available.  So they called 911 as a last resort. This indicates another possible attempt to cover up the extent and frequency of abortion injuries at that facility. Private emergency transports are not public records and, therefore, not accountable to the citizens, whereas county EMS records and services are accountable to the public. 

It is almost impossible to know the real condition of this young woman who was injured, let alone what she suffered during the aftermath of the situation.

What we do know is:

  • The clinic sent this young woman to a facility where the abortionist could handle her case and potentially cover it up,
  • The abortion staff only called 911 because the regular services were not available. 
  • The staff used language in an potential attempt to hide the level of severity of her condition,
  • The 911 dispatcher permitted the clouded responses from the caller, instead of asking clarifying questions concerning the amount of blood loss which could have helped the EMS team prepare to treat the woman’s injury sooner.

Day after day, case after case, injury after injury, it becomes more and more apparent that abortion facilities and staff do not care for women but rather care for their ability to operate without accountability (or with impunity).

Problems with Records, Lack of Information

It is important to say that this was not the only emergency reported from Chicago within the last few months. More specifically from FPA Chicago, at least three more incidents were reported to the Operation Rescue team: one on April 26, 2023, another one on October 25, 2023 and another one on November 10, 2023 (not yet released). One of the most striking problems Operation Rescue faced while investigating these emergencies was the unwillingness of the City of Chicago to release records that are public:

  • In one of the emergencies, the city repeatedly sent files that were not actual audio files but non-audio-related “cda” files which were simply shortcuts with no content.
  • In two other emergencies, the city continuously denied records saying that these recordings “could expose the identity of a caller by voice recognition.” For a city of almost 2.7 million people, this excuse is simply absurd.
  • In response to another emergency records request, the city only released the CADs (Computer Aided Dispatch transcripts) and provided no reasons for its denial of the actual audio files from the 911 call.

All these problems raise questions being asked loudly, and they demand an answer: 

  • Why the cover ups? 
  • What is the extent of the power of the abortion cartel that even public records custodians who are supposed to serve the public are willing to take sides with the cartel and deny citizens public records rightfully and lawfully owed them? 

“We have been seeing this growing trend among various cities and counties where their policies reflect friendliness toward abortion mills,” said Operation Rescue President, Troy Newman. “Records requests are being ignored or denied for the most absurd reasons. This is an abuse of power, but we will not give up. We will fight back with our legal team to obtain public records to keep people informed about the cruel and dangerous reality of the abortion cartel.”

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