By Ricardo Pinedo

On October 25, another emergency was reported at Family Planning Associates in Chicago, Illinois. As Operation Rescue has reported before, since Illinois became an abortion destination state after the reversal of Roe V. Wade, there has been a marked increase in medical emergencies arising after failed abortions. 

The 911 records for this emergency were provided courtesy of Pro-Life Action League and, once again, the amount of information provided to the 911 dispatcher is sorely lacking. Although the caller clearly stated that the emergency resulted from a surgical abortion, the medical condition of the woman and the actual complication was egregiously missing. Sadly, this 911 call adds to the evidence of a rising trend: abortion clinic callers are giving minimum information to the emergency medical services dispatchers in order to avoid being held accountable. They know 911 calls are recorded, and they do not want people to know how badly women suffer from abortion. 

The fact remains: abortion is deadly for children and unsafe for women. 

Due to the deliberate cover-up by the abortion clinic worker during the 911 call, what happened to this woman during and after her dangerous procedure will remain unknown. The same, sad truth exists for many other patients rushed to emergency rooms after botched abortions. The extent of their suffering and injuries was unreported. 

Another noteworthy issue is the unwillingness of the City of Chicago to provide Freedom of Information Act public records related to these 911 emergency calls, as required by federal law for public accountability. 

Citizens have the right to know about, inspect, and obtain “full and complete information” from government records such as 911 calls, as Operation Rescue has stated before. However, it appears that public accountability is lacking in cases like these. When public record requests have been submitted, the Office of Emergency Management and Communications of the City of Chicago avoids providing the requested files. On April 26, 2023, at this same facility, an ambulance was seen by pro-lifers. Operation Rescue tried to secure records, but a link sent by the city did not contain the actual audio files/. The request was resubmitted asking plainly to correct the failure, but the city never corrected the issue. 

Another recent emergency was reported by pro-lifers standing outside this clinic on November 10, 2023. Operation Rescue submitted a request to obtain records, and these were denied. The reason for denial was that such “audio recordings could expose the identity of a caller by voice recognition.” Such an answer has not been received before. 

The law stipulates that unique identifiers such as names, social security numbers, and personal phone numbers are redacted for privacy, however, the content of all government records including 911 computer aided dispatch transcripts and audio recordings are legally public information and must be provided to the public. 

Operation Rescue President, Troy Newman said, “We will keep working to uncover these emergencies and declare the truth about the abortion cartel and their dangerous procedures and methods. We are also working with our attorneys to hold them accountable. The public has a right to know!” 

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