“LeRoy Carhart killed me and my baby.”

–Christin Gilbert, if she could speak today…

This is LeRoy Carhart—who killed Christin Gilbert during a botched abortion in 2005 at George Tiller’s infamous mill.
Now he plans to take Tiller’s place as the #1 late-term abortionist in America.
With your help, we can STOP him—peacefully and legally—if we act now!

Dear Friend of Operation Rescue,
If Christin Gilbert could speak from the grave, she would warn the entire world about LeRoy Carhart—the late-term abortionist who killed her and her baby during a botched abortion in 2005.
Perhaps you’ve heard Christin’s story before. Even so, it bears repeating…

Christin was a sweet young teenager from Texas who had Down’s Syndrome. But despite her handicap, she attended high school and graduated from the special education program there. She was also the batgirl for the girls’ softball team, and she inspired her teammates to win the Texas State Championship for Girls Softball.
Christin was also a regular participant at her hometown Special Olympics. And she was known for her encouraging words and abundant hugs.
Christin was deeply loved by her entire community.
But because she had Down’s Syndrome, Christin was vulnerable. Very vulnerable.
Her tragedy began when she was sexually assaulted in her small town. Her loving spirit and trusting nature were betrayed by a sexual predator who took away her innocence by raping her. His criminal act resulted in Christin’s pregnancy.
Unfortunately, her parents “didn’t want” Christin to have a baby, so they took her to Wichita, Kansas—to George Tiller’s infamous late-term abortion mill.
That’s where LeRoy Carhart comes in. He frequently worked at Tiller’s mill—filling in for Tiller as needed—and he was the abortionist in charge of killing Christin’s baby.
Christin was in the third trimester of pregnancy. Carhart injected her baby’s heart with a poison that would cause it to stop beating. She was told she would “deliver a stillborn”… and was sent back to her hotel room with instructions to call ONLY the abortion mill (NOT a hospital) if something went wrong.
And something did go wrong. Horribly wrong.
Christin developed complications and returned to the abortion mill, where they misdiagnosed her condition as “dehydration”… gave her an IV… and sent her back to the hotel. (Not to a hospital where she belonged!)
As her autopsy later determined, the botched abortion caused Christin to develop a raging infection that had turned into sepsis, a very serious and often fatal blood infection.
Her condition at the hotel continued to deteriorate. She began having episodes of vomiting and unconsciousness. Her family finally took her back to the mill the next morning.
By this time, however, Christin was in serious trouble. According to one doctor who reviewed the autopsy report, she “bled and oozed from every orifice” as she developed a systemic blood disorder that caused her organs to begin to fail.

At Tiller’s mill, Carhart and the Tiller staff finally placed an emergency call to 911—begging the dispatcher to come with “No lights, no sirens!” Then they placed the 911 operator ON HOLD for forty-five critical seconds!
Meanwhile, Christin’s life ebbed away.
The ambulance finally arrived and rushed Christin “code blue” to the hospital–meaning a serious, life-threatening circumstance for the patient. At the hospital Emergency Room, the emergency workers were in a state of “near panic” as they rushed to save Christin’s life.
But they were too late.
Christin died a horrible, agonizing death at the hands of LeRoy Carhart and the staff at George Tiller’s infamous abortion mill.
We at Operation Rescue were on the scene that day, documenting every fact of this horrible crime. If we hadn’t been there, this crime would have been completely covered up and forgotten—like so many of the other botched abortions that were committed at Tiller’s mill over the years. (Ambulances frequently showed up at Tiller’s mill… speeding off to the nearby hospital… with no lights or sirens so Tiller and Carhart wouldn’t “look bad.”)
But now that George Tiller’s mill is closed forever, LeRoy Carhart plans to “take his place” and open a new late-term abortion mill in Wichita—in addition to the filthy butchering mill he already operates in Nebraska.
And this is where Operation Rescue comes in.

As you know, our years of fighting George Tiller here in Wichita makes us highly experienced in how to peacefully and legally shut down these late-term abortionists.
They’re almost always breaking the law… violating medical standards… plus injuring and sometimes killing women during the abortion.
As a matter of fact, we were only about two months away from getting George Tiller’s medical license revoked!
He would have been completely out of business! There was no need for violence against him—just as there is no need for violence against LeRoy Carhart or any abortionist.

These days, we know how to put the abortionists behind bars!
We did that recently with Bertha Bugarin in Los Angeles, who had performed scores of abortions without ever having a medical license! She will be in prison for nearly seven years.
We also successfully shut down Rapin Osathanondh in Massachusetts for killing Laura Hope Smith during a botched abortion. He surrendered his medical license, closed his two abortion mills, and now faces criminal charges and a civil lawsuit. His baby killing career is over.
We also helped stop Pierre Renelique, the abortionist in Hialeah, Florida, who didn’t bother to show up for a late-term abortion he started the previous day. Because of his negligence a baby was born alive, then killed by his unlicensed staff. Renelique’s medical license has now been revoked and his career killing innocent babies is over.
As for Renelique’s staff involved in the death of that baby? Belkis Gonzalez, who cut the baby’s cord, shoved her in a bag, and tossed her on the abortion clinic roof to die has now been arrested and charged. The abortion clinic has been permanently closed.
Pressure brought to bear by Operation Rescue made the difference.
And don’t forget other abortionists we’ve helped “retire” from the abortion business. Laurence Reich was a convicted sex offender who shockingly abused his patients. His license was revoked, as was that of Nicholas Braemer, Mohammed Dia, Phillip Rand, and Nolan Jones in California, as well as Krishna Rajanna in Kansas, and many others too numerous to mention.
So now our new mission is to STOP LeRoy Carhart from becoming the new George Tiller.
Actually, Carhart is already a late-term abortionist. But he operates a filthy, ugly, “back alley” style abortion clinic in Bellevue, Nebraska—which means he could never do the volume of abortions that George Tiller committed. (Remember: Tiller made at least $2 MILLION a year off his murder-for-hire business.)
Below are pictures of Carhart’s disgusting abortion mill in Bellevue, Nebraska

We’re already working to get Carhart’s Nebraska mill shut down—and he knows it. For instance, we sent a detailed dossier to the Nebraska State Attorney General, who was then quoted in the newspaper as saying…
“Carhart is a scumbag!”
We will be in Omaha and at Carhart’s abortion mill on August 28-29 to encourage and train pro-lifers who are working with us on this project to stop Carhart from becoming the next George Tiller. (More on that event will be coming in the near future.)
So Carhart’s days in Nebraska could be numbered. We’ll do everything we can to peacefully and legally shut him down, such as getting his medical license revoked.
We’ve also been widely publishing Carhart’s most damning quotes that he’s made during Congressional hearings, newspaper interviews, even Supreme Court proceedings.
Quotes such as these…

• “I know that the fetus is alive during the process most of the time because I can see fetal heartbeat on the ultrasound… I think brain death would occur because the suctioning to remove contents is only two or three seconds. So somewhere in that period of time—obviously not when you penetrate the skull, because people get shot in the head and they don’t die immediately from that, if they are going to die at all—so that probably is not sufficient to kill the fetus. But I think removing the brain contents eventually will… My intent in every abortion I have ever done is to kill the fetus and terminate the pregnancy.”
-LeRoy Carhart, testifying under oath in 1997 about what he does to facilitate abortion, quoted in the Asheville Tribune.


• “The fetus, in many cases, dies just as a human adult or child would: it bleeds to death as it is torn from limb to limb… The fetus can be alive at the beginning of the dismemberment process and can survive for a time while its limbs are being torn off.”
-LeRoy Carhart, as quoted by Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy in Carhart v. Stenberg


• “This act covers every D&E [dilation and evacuation] that I did. Everything that I do to cause an abortion is an overt act. . . The fetuses are alive at the time of delivery. [There is a heartbeat] very frequently.”
-LeRoy Carhart, testifying under oath that language in the partial-birth abortion ban act bans more than just partial-birth abortion, Carhart v. Ashcroft (April 1, 2004).


• “Well, I was telling Ms. Smith at lunch today that we’re talking about a fetus that’s not only been dead for 48 hours, but we’re talking about a fetus that has been dead for 48 hours in essentially a warming oven or crock pot. It has been kept at a hundred degrees for 48 hours. And that’s enough temperature to cook meat. So we are not only dealing with a fetus that has been dead in my practice, we are dealing with a fetus that’s both dead and soft—so it’s much more pliable.”
-LeRoy Carhart, testifying under oath on the safety of his abortion methods, in a deposition taken for Carhart v. Ashcroft, April 1, 2004.


• Carhart said at least once a month, an entire fetus is expelled from the mother during a D&E he is performing. “The fetuses are alive at the time of delivery,” he said. There is a heartbeat “very frequently.”
-LeRoy Carhart, The Associated Press, April 1, 2004, “Doctor: Law Would Outlaw Many Abortions”

Can you believe this guy?!?
Frankly, it’s difficult for me to imagine someone who is so callous and so cold. It’s almost as if he has no heart or soul. Certainly no conscience.
He’s even tried to run over pro-lifers who were standing on the sidewalk outside Tiller’s mill!!!
I pray for his soul, just as I do for all abortionists and their staff members. I know that the Lord can redeem them and bring them to repentance, just as He has done for countless other abortionists.
But in the meantime, there is much work to be done in order to save babies’ lives from the horrifying death of abortion—especially late-term abortions like the ones LeRoy Carhart takes so much pleasure in.
And that’s why I’m writing to you today…
As you know, Operation Rescue is always on the front lines of the fight against abortion. We’re the ones in the streets… in the media… and on the road with our message that Abortion Is Murder.
And we never back down.

Even after the death of George Tiller—when the news media and the pro-aborts wanted us to stop using the word “murder” to refer to abortion and abortionists, we did NOT back down.
Instead, we’ve doubled our resolve and our efforts to end abortion peacefully and legally—because that’s the only way to stop it!
The pro-aborts, in fact, are the violent ones.
You have no idea how many death threats my family and my staff and I have received ever since George Tiller was shot. In the last several weeks, I have truly been in fear for our safety.
And yet, the U.S. Attorney General turns a blind eye to this pro-abort violence and terrorist threats! He only gives protection to the baby-killers!
Well, this is the war we’re in. And even though we may face danger, the babies face certain death if we don’t fight for them.
And so I’m asking you to double your resolve and your efforts and sacrifices so that we at Operation Rescue can continue to win the fight against abortion.
Yes, we are winning. According to a recent major Gallup opinion poll, 93% of Americans despise the late-term abortions performed by Carhart and the late George Tiller.
Americans are also appalled that these abortionists get away with killing women like Christin Gilbert.
Why, there’s even been a major 15-point swing in the number of American voters who are “undecided” about abortion. Fully 60% of them are now moving in our direction!
That’s why Operation Rescue is leading the debate on abortion.
And we’re WINNING—slowly but surely—because of our tireless efforts that YOU help make happen with your financial support.
In the face of everything we’re up against these days—such as being investigated by the FBI, the ATF, the Department of Justice, you name it—we’re really going out on a limb.

And that’s why we need your generous support now more than ever.
To do all the work necessary to shut down LeRoy Carhart is going to take many months—and tens of thousands of dollars. That’s in addition to everything else we do—especially the very powerful Truth Trucks, which are changing people’s minds about abortion every single day!
We need a minimum of $32,000 a month just to keep going. But sometimes we don’t even get that.
Therefore, I hope and pray that you’ll see how important it is—at this time of severe crisis in our nation—that we keep working harder than ever to win the fight against abortion… STOP the slaughter of over a million babies a year… and call our nation to repentance before it’s too late.
God will not bless America if we keep killing His children. It’s as simple as that.
And so, with profound awareness of the difficult financial times we’re living in, I ask that you please make one more small sacrifice for the babies. For our country. For the Lord.
Your gifts—and the grace of God—are all we have to sustain us and keep us going.
We can’t back down or slow down. We must work harder than ever—especially to stop LeRoy Carhart.
I know I can trust you to stand with us, and I look forward to hearing from you right away.
Thank you, and God bless you for all you do for His children.
Yours for the Babies,

Troy Newman
President, Operation Rescue