Omaha, NE – Late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart is making repairs on the outside of his run-down Bellevue, Nebraska, abortion clinic and has embarked on a media disinformation campaign in preparation for Operation Rescue’s visit later this month.
“Carhart can paint that dump all he wants, but that just putting lipstick on a pig,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “A coat of paint isn’t going to stop women from being injured and hospitalized after Carhart gets his hands on them, as we saw over and over again in Kansas.”
A video taken on Friday, August 14, 2009, by Larry Donlan of Rescue the Heartland shows workers preparing the dilapidated structure for paint while one of Carhart’s hired handymen knocked down pro-life signs, verbally abused Donlan, and attempted to mislead him about the property line so that Donlan would have to stand farther away from the clinic than necessary.
Carhart hires former Tiller employee and her self-avowed “Satanist” husband
The video also revealed that Carhart has hired at least one of the former employees of George Tiller’s now-closed Women’s Health Care Services. Lindsey Alejandro is seen on the recording being verbally abused by a male Carhart employee who identified himself as a “Satanist” and as her husband.
Alejandro is best known as the abortion worker who falsified the fetal age of a woman named “Shaye” during an ultrasound examination at Tiller’s clinic in order to avoid having to comply with Kansas laws restricting abortions after 22-weeks gestation. (See documentation.)
“This may be a signal that he is training his Nebraska workers to do the more dangerous late-term abortions,” said Newman. “That was his backup plan if efforts to reestablish a late-term mill in Kansas fell through.”
The new face of abortion in the media
Carhart has been a media favorite of late, attempting to “sell” the public on his goal of continuing late-term abortions. Wild claims have been made in some reports that police expect the event involving Operation Rescue, scheduled for August 28-29, to turn violent. Once an Operation Rescue Staff member contacted the Bellevue police concerning the peaceful, legal nature of the planned activities, the police have since moderated their comments in the media.
“The purpose of the public relations campaign is to make him look like the victim in order to gain sympathy,” said Newman. “But Carhart is the real victimizer. We cannot forget Christin Gilbert, an innocent 19 year old girl with Down’s syndrome, that Carhart killed during a botched third-trimester abortion, or Carhart’s numerous abortion patients that needed emergency hospitalization after suffering botched abortions at his hands, or the tens of thousands or innocent pre-born babies that have died from abortions done by him.”
“Keep It Closed” Campaign Bears Fruit
All this precedes an event scheduled for later this month, which is part of the “Keep it Closed” campaign that is focused on blocking Carhart’s efforts to open a late-term abortion mill in the United States to take the place of Tiller’s closed clinic.
The campaign has already borne fruit. Just Friday Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, Kansas, vowed to keep Carhart and abortions out of their hospital. The statement was in response to a petition launched by Operation Rescue just days before. Carhart had made public statements that Wichita was his target city for his new late-term abortion clinic. Tiller, who employed Carhart, had used Wesley for his botched abortion patients and had been on Medical Staff there.
“Carhart has to face the reality that the vast majority of Americans oppose his late-term abortion business,” said Newman. “No one wants him operating in their community. We are going to continue to work through peaceful, legal means to block his plans to continue late-term abortions, which present an unacceptable risk to the public – especially when done by him.”
CAUTION: OBSCENE AND ABUSIVE LANGUAGE (on the part of an abortion clinic employee)
UPDATE: has pulled the video. Please click here to see why and to watch the video that YouTube and the pro-aborts don’t want you to see.
(Note: Operation Rescue later learned that the man in the video who described himself as a “satanist” did offer a brief apology to Donlan after his obsenity-filled tirade, but Donlan has doubts about his sincerity.)