By Cheryl Sullenger

Washington, D.C. – Operation Rescue has obtained the 911 recording related to a horrifically botched second trimester abortion that is now subject of a multi-million-dollar medical malpractice suit.  Markeisha Hemsley sued Capital Women’s Services in Washington, D.C., United Health Group, LLC, Moore ObGyn in Greenbelt, Maryland, and the nurse practitioner who seriously injured and abused her during a Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) dismemberment abortion procedure.

That recording supports information in Hemsley’s suit that indicated the abortionist – a nurse practitioner named Khalilah Q. Jefferson – had used Hemsley’s mother’s cell phone to call 911 to prevent the mother from revealing too much about her daughter’s nightmarish abortion experience.

Allegations leading up to the 911 call

On October 28, 2018, Markeisha Hemsley and her mother visited Capital Women’s Services in Washington, D.C. for a second trimester D&E abortion.  That abortion facility conducts abortions to 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Hemsley suffered life-threatening internal injuries during that dismemberment abortion procedure conducted by Jefferson.  Injuries included a lacerated cervix, a three-inch tear in her uterus, and massive internal hemorrhaging. The abortion was never completed by Jefferson, who could not locate the baby’s head, which had been pushed through the hole in Hemsley’s womb and was lodged in behind her uterus.

Jefferson is licensed as a Nurse Practitioner in Washington D.C. where it is legal for non-physicians to conduct abortions – although it is doubtful that complex second trimester abortion surgeries were meant to be included in that provision.  

Jefferson began the abortion at Capital Women’s Services in Washington, D.C., but continued it at a Moore ObGyn office in Greenbelt, Maryland, where she is also employed. She holds a Nurse Practitioner’s license in Maryland where it is not legal for non-physicians to conduct late-term surgical abortions.

According to Hemsley’s malpractice suit, when Jefferson could not complete the abortion at the Capital Women’s Services in Washington D.C., she transported Hemsley in her private BMW SUV against Hemsley’s will across state lines to the Moore ObGyn office.  Jefferson allegedly disregarded Hemsley’s pleas to be taken to a hospital and told her to “shut up” about it.

Once at the office of Moore ObGyn, Jefferson illegally attempted to complete the abortion after Hemsley’s anesthesia had worn off, according to allegations.

Hemsley’s mother, who had followed Jefferson to the Moore OBGYN facility, heard her daughter’s cries and entered the operating room where she saw Jefferson, who was holding bloody forceps, standing in front of her screaming daughter.

The 911 call

Hemsley’s mother had apparently seen enough.  She advised Jefferson she was calling 911 for an ambulance.  Jefferson told her not to give the 911 operator the address of the Moore ObGyn facility.

When Hemsley’s mother refused, Jefferson then grabbed the phone from her hand and impersonated Hemsley’s mother to the 911 dispatcher, referring to Markeisha Hemsley as “my daughter.”

On the 911 recording, the dispatcher is heard asking what her phone number was, thinking she was speaking to the injured woman’s mother.  Jefferson is heard asking Hemsley’s real mother what her phone number was so she could give it to the dispatcher.

Jefferson was curt with the dispatcher and seemed annoyed at the questioning, especially when asked where she would be waiting for the ambulance.  Jefferson told 911 that they would be outside the building but refused to specify exactly where outside they would be. 

Hemsley suit noted that while she was hemorrhaging internally and suffering excruciating pain, she was forced to walk out to the street curb — which was a considerable distance from the building — and drifted in and out of consciousness while she waited for help to arrive. There, the ambulance eventually intercepted her and transported her to George Washington University Hospital where she underwent emergency surgery to save her life.


“Khalilah Jefferson showed no mercy to her suffering patient.  She essentially kidnapped and tortured Hemsley during a long day of abuse.  However, in this unfortunate political climate, it is doubtful that the current administration in Washington, D.C. or the authorities in Maryland will lift a finger to investigate any alleged crimes that may have been committed by Jefferson,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

Hemsley is seeking a judgment of $30 million against Jefferson, Capital Women’s Services, United Health Group, LLC, and Moore ObGyn.

Pictured from left: Steven Chase Brigham, Javaka Moore, Harold Alexander.

Steven Chase Brigham has been connected to Capital Women’s Services and United Health Group, LLC.  Moore ObGyn is owned and operated by Javaka Moore, who once shared an office suite with abortionist Harold Alexander at a time when Alexander partnered with Florida’s late-term abortionist James S. Pendergraft, IV to conduct an illegal bi-state late term abortion business.  Both Alexander and Pendergraft had their medical licenses revoked in their respective states, thanks to complaints tendered by Operation Rescue.  Moore has claimed he was innocent of any wrongdoing.

“The 911 recording is a significant development that supports Hemsley’s allegations, at least in part.” said Newman.  “Brigham is no doubt behind the horrific practices at Capital Women’s Services and it is our prayer that he is ultimately held accountable in a court of law along with Jefferson and whoever else was involved in Hemsley’s atrocious abuse.”

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