Topeka, KS – Gov. Kathleen Sebelius signed a bill into law on Friday that will mandate that women seeking abortions be offered to see an ultrasound image of their babies at least 30 minutes before a scheduled abortion.
Operation Rescue Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger testified before a House committee in February in favor of the new legislation. She presented evidence from an Operation Rescue undercover sting investigation that showed Tiller’s staff was intentionally underestimating fetal ages in order to avoid having to comply with the second Kansas physician referral requirement in Kansas law.
Sebelius was under pressure to sign the bill in order to mitigate her extremist support for unrestricted abortion when she appears before the U.S. Senate for confirmation hearings. She has been nominated by President Barrack Obama to serve as Health and Human Services Secretary. Operation Rescue is opposing her confirmation.
“These new restrictions on abortion will do little to solve all of the abuses in the abortion industry, but they will save lives,” said Sullenger. “We know when women are allowed to see images of their pre-born babies, most will not go through with the abortion. We supported this bill because it will save lives and inform women of the humanity of their pre-born children. Without it, children would needlessly die, and it was unacceptable for us to stand idly by and allow that to happen.”