By Anne Reed

Abortionists Keep Butchering Them

Again, Operation Rescue investigated an emergency transport from Trust Women in Wichita, Kansas, after sidewalk advocates observed a woman wheeled out on a gurney and loaded onto an ambulance on August 11. 

This comes just three weeks after another life-threatening hemorrhage took place at the same facility – one that required a woman in her late twenties to be hospitalized for days and receive one or more blood transfusions. 

A sidewalk counselor present at the time of both emergency transports cried out to the suffering woman as she was wheeled out. She passionately pleaded with the woman to call her for help securing legal and other assistance for the injuries the abortionist had inflicted upon her.  

According to the employee who called 911 on August 11, this woman was in her thirties, “no longer pregnant,” and was experiencing unexpected, post-procedure blood loss.  

When asked by the dispatcher if the bleeding was serious, the caller responded in the affirmative, specifying that the woman had lost 1,300 cc (cubic centimeters) so far. 

The average amount of total blood volume for a woman is between 3,300 and 3,800 cc.  Therefore, the stated 1,300 cc of blood loss was between 34% and 39% of this woman’s total blood volume – a Class 3 hemorrhage. 

At this point, the patient’s heart would have been beating very quickly and straining to get enough oxygen to the tissues.  

Blood loss of only 20% of a person’s overall blood volume causes hypovolemic shock, a life-threatening emergency. When the body is not getting enough oxygenated blood moving through the body, this can cause the organs to stop working. When a person’s organs stop working, the result is death. 

This type of critical condition requires immediate transfer to an emergency room and will almost certainly require a blood transfusion – if the patient survives. The exact cause of the rapid blood loss was more than likely due to a laceration (as noted on the computer-aided dispatch transcript) of the cervix and perforation of the uterus. When the uterus is perforated, other organs, such as the intestines, are often damaged as well.

“Abortionists at Trust Women Wichita want women to trust them, but they are not worthy of that trust,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. 

“This late-term abortion facility, just a couple of miles from Operation Rescue’s headquarters, pushes the limit and is performing abortions up to the gestational limit in Kansas – 22 weeks. Babies at this stage are growing rapidly, and their sense of touch is developed. Premature babies at this stage of development, and even younger, have survived and flourished outside the mother’s womb.

“This is what Kansas citizens who voted in favor of the failed Value Them Both Amendment in 2022 hoped to bring to an end. But here we are – an abortion destination for women from all over the country. More babies are dying and more women are seriously maimed.  

“We are grateful for the pro-lifers on the sidewalk offering facts and hope to women on the verge of entering the doors of this dangerous facility that snatches up their blood money to kill their innocent babies. Far too many are then shipped off in an ambulance – at the patient’s expense – for emergency room doctors to attempt to save their lives.”  

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