By Anne Reed

Heart-Wrenching Details of Negligence Near Operation Rescue’s Headquarters 

Wichita, Kansas – On Friday, July 14, at 11:23 a.m., an employee of Trust Women, otherwise known as South Wind Clinic, in Wichita, Kansas, called 911 concerning a woman hemorrhaging after undergoing a second-trimester, surgical abortion.

The woman traveled from out of state apparently believing she could trust an abortionist to rescue her out of a crisis situation. Instead, she left the facility in an ambulance, requiring at least one blood transfusion and several days of hospitalization at Wesley Healthcare in Wichita. 

The redacted Call for Service Detail Report indicates the woman was suffering from a “POSSIBLY DANGEROUS hemorrhage.” When the 911 dispatcher asked the caller if the bleeding was under control, she acknowledged it was only temporarily under control: 

“For now, yes, we’ve given medications and placed devices to help with the bleeding for now.” 

The device the caller referenced was more than likely a balloon catheter, a tube with a balloon inserted into the uterus to slow dangerously rapid blood flow. This type of blood loss from the uterus is usually caused by a hole torn in the lining of the organ.

For an unknown reason, the young woman’s age was redacted in the 911 recording and the Call for Service Detail Report. However, Operation Rescue learned through other means that the injured woman was in her late 20s and traveled over 350 miles from a southern, abortion-free state.

After days of hospitalization, the woman returned to her home state to secure follow-up medical treatment. She is just beginning to embark on a long journey of healing.   

“Trust Women is not a trustworthy facility,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Unsuspecting mothers who believe they are visiting a healthcare facility need to know this. Abortionists purposely kill innocent human beings and are, therefore, not legitimate healthcare providers.  

“Abortionists may hide the truth from patients, but they know exactly what they are doing and somehow find a way to justify it. It only makes sense that these corrupt physicians are going to be callous and careless with the lives of adults as well.”

This woman and other post-abortive mothers suffer immensely when they eventually come to terms with the truth. Far too many women are killed or seriously injured. In addition to the emotional and spiritual damage experienced, many suffer long-term physical effects that prevent them from carrying a pregnancy to term in the future. 

“We are praying that this woman, in particular, who likely already regrets her decision, will heal in every way,” said Newman. “We pray she receives forgiveness and holds this dreadful excuse for a healthcare facility accountable for its negligence.

“This emergency is particularly heart-wrenching for us at Operation Rescue because this poor woman was butchered right here in Wichita, just a seven-minute drive from our national headquarters. It has been painful to watch as abortion numbers in Kansas have increased by 76% – more than any other state – in the last year. This is just one example of how innocent babies and their mothers are paying the price.”

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