By Ricardo Pinedo

In early November, in less than a week’s time, a dangerous “medical” facility located in Granite City, Illinois, had three more medical emergencies. As with prior emergencies at this location, staff used ambiguous language with emergency dispatch personnel and avoided giving details that could aid emergency paramedics in saving women’s lives. If this were any other medical facility in Illinois, such behavior would be condemned openly, but since Illinois has become an “abortion destination” state, this hopelessly injurious “Hope” Clinic for Women seems to harm women with impunity. 

November 3, 2023: “Possibly… Like a Seizure”

At around 7 p.m. CST on November 3, 2023, a worker from The Hope Clinic for Women (HCW) called 911 to report that a 35-year-old woman was “possibly” having “like a seizure” and requested an ambulance to have the patient taken to Barnes Jewish Hospital, a Level 1 trauma center in Missouri “for observation.” 

The woman did not have a history of epilepsy or another condition that could trigger seizures, yet she had two episodes, according to what was reported by the caller to EMS. 

This is not the first time that Operation Rescue has reported this kind of emergency. Seizures can be a complication resulting from either abortion method: surgical or chemical (pills). In this case,the woman’s complication was a result of a surgical abortion. 

Since the actual condition and other important details are not mentioned by the caller, even though they should be reported during any regular 911 call, potential causes for these seizures are not clear and can only be supposed. One potential cause, according to the medical news portal Medscape, could be incorrect administration of local anesthesia, specifically called “accidental intravascular injection of anesthetic.” Another potential cause could involve bleeding resulting from injury such as uterine perforation. 

November 7, 2023: “Some Extra Bleeding”

Another case of how HCW’s vague and ambiguous language used to conceal the causes and actual complications of these emergencies happened on November 7, 2023. According to an eyewitness, doctor Margaret Baum was the abortionist on duty.

The caller stated a 40-year-woman was having some “extra bleeding” due to “uterine inflammation.” No explanation was given concerning the reason the woman was bleeding. When the EMS dispatcher asked about her condition, the caller said “She is currently stable but still needs to go [by ambulance to the Emergency Room].” 

The fact that emergency crews were requested means this was not normal bleeding that HCW could control and required a specialist care facility with surgeons on staff 24 hours a day. 

The most frequent cause for “extra bleeding,” or hemorrhage, in abortion procedures is uterine perforation. This is a serious and often life-threatening injury.

November 9, 2023: “Status Post-Procedure”

Two days later, at 5:15 p.m.on November 9, 2023, EMS was called again from HCW. This time the caller requested transfer of a 21-year-old woman to the emergency room at Jewish Barnes Hospital. This is, without any doubt, the most ambiguous call out of the three emergencies mentioned in this report, and it is not the first time callers of this dangerous facility has used the term “status post procedure.” What such clouded terminology means is certainly a mystery, and it could enshroud numerous life-threatening situations or even death. 

What is unmistakable is the fact that this woman was in serious danger. The caller requested ACLS or Advanced Cardiac Life Support equipment for the woman. Such equipment is only used in life-or-death situations when the heart is suffering or malfunctioning, and the patient is at risk of cardiac arrest or a heart attack. No other details were revealed by the caller, and it remains unknown whether this woman survived.

One Thing Is Clear

Yet, one thing we do know: abortion is not safe. Not for babies. Not for women. Operation Rescue has been saying this loudly for years – perhaps more loudly as an appalling upsurge in women’s life-threatening abortion injuries is observed. Operation Rescue decries this mistreatment of women and calls for accountability of these “clinics” which hurt women with impunity. 

These emergencies are just the tip of the iceberg – witnessed first-hand and reported to Operation Rescue by pro-life people praying outside. Many other emergencies go uncovered and unreported. 

“We hope that through our work people, many  see the myth of ‘safe abortion’ for what it is: a lie invented by people who make huge profits out of killing innocent lives and maiming women,” said Operation Rescue’s President, Troy Newman. 

In this dreadful process the Abortion Cartel calls ‘healthcare,’ unsuspecting women are hurt and some of them even die. We pray that one day every state in our nation may see through these lies, and save women and their babies from such horror and pain.”