By Cheryl Sullenger

Washington, DC – News broke this week that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear an important Mississippi abortion case that may affect the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that decriminalized abortion in America.

The case is Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.  At issue is a Mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks gestation. The question is whether it is unconstitutional for states to regulate or limits abortion before the 24-week determination of viability in Roe.

“Due to the new advances in the science of fetology, we know so much more about human gestational development than they did in 1973. Those advances show that babies in the womb are living, growing human beings whose lives deserve the same legal protections as anyone else,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “In normal times, given the Conservative composition of the Supreme Court, this case would be a slam dunk in favor of protecting children in the womb. But these are not normal times at all.”

Most pro-life supporters are excited about the potential for a favorable ruling that would at the least allow states to ban abortion after 15 weeks gestation.  There are also hopes that the conservative majority on the Supreme Court, including three Trump appointees, will move to strike down the antiquated Roe case. 

If Roe were to fall, the decision of whether to allow abortion will be up to each state.

Currently there are ten states that have post-Roe trigger laws that could ban abortion should Roe be overturned. There are also seven states pre-Roe abortion bans still on the books that have not been enforced. That leaves the potential for 17 states to become abortion-free, in the event of a best-case-scenario ruling.

But banning abortion in any state, even in a post-Roe America, will be a challenge bigger that most people realize.

“We should never underestimate how far the left will go to make sure abortion remains legal.  Court rulings won’t matter. Laws won’t matter.  Morality won’t matter.  Human rights that include the basic right to live will not matter.  I am convinced that the left will attempt to protect abortion by any means necessary.  I wouldn’t put anything past them,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.  “In this current hostile and corrupt political climate, there will be tremendous pressure on the Court to maintain the status quo on abortion, especially for the Trump appointees of Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett. Everyone has a breaking point. We need to pray for these Supreme Court Justices like we never have before.”

Already Amy Coney Barrett is under attack from the left for allegedly receiving a speaking fee from the Alliance Defending Freedom, which has heavily supported the Mississippi law at issue in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

The Abortion Cartel in general, and Planned Parenthood in particular, wield vast political power.  Even the Biden-Harris Administration has vowed on behalf of the Abortion Cartel to expand and encode the “right” to abortion, no matter how the Supreme Court rules.

On Monday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki emphasized that point, saying, “As such, the president is committed to codifying Roe… unrelated … to the outcome of this case.”

Even as the Supreme Court takes up this important abortion case, Biden’s Commission on the Supreme Court that is expected to explore the court-packing option is (conveniently) set to meet for the first time today. That Commission will have 180 days, or until November 2021, to complete a report that is sure to include a process for packing the Supreme Court with additional justices that will shift the balance of the Court to the left, perhaps permanently.

Meanwhile, it is expected that the Supreme Court will hear the Dobbs case this fall, and would not issue a ruling until sometime in 2022. The timing of this case and the conclusion of the Supreme Court Commission is certainly no accident.

Operation Rescue expects to see more “coincidences” from the left that may have an impact on the Dobbs case.

“We must be ready for anything, but above all, we must fervently pray and use every opportunity to help the public understand the value of every human life, as well as the scope of the tragedy that abortion has inflicted on our nation. We must counter the propaganda of the left that will try to make abortion sound glorious while vilifying anyone who believes otherwise,” said Newman. “We have little political power to influence the outcome of this case, especially in these dark times when evil has such a strong foothold in this nation. However, our merciful God is still on His Throne, and if it is His will to use this case to make at least some of America abortion free, then there is nothing on this Earth that can stop that from happening.  We must pray for the best but prepare for the worst, because we don’t know what the future holds.”