By Cheryl Sullenger

Washington, D.C. – The Biden-Harris Administration has created a new Commission on the U.S. Supreme Court that is tasked with examining the “Court’s role in the Constitutional system,” including among other things, the length of terms that justices serve, and – most disturbingly – the membership and size of the Court.

During the 2020 Presidential Campaign, Joe Biden was repeatedly asked whether he planned to “pack the Court,” if elected.  Biden continually declined to answer that important question.  At one point, he even lashed out angrily after being asked if the public had the right to know about his position on Court-packing, responding, “No, they don’t.”

“Now, we know the answer to what Biden thinks of Court-packing. Without a doubt, the Biden-Harris Administration is planning to pack the U.S. Supreme Court and has now empaneled a new commission to provide them with a basis for doing it,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.  “This should greatly concern the American people because it will mean that liberals will forever control our U.S. Supreme Court.  That will alter the way our Constitution is interpreted and could dramatically affect hot topics such as immigration and the way our elections are conducted.  As for the matter of abortion, a liberal pro-abortion Supreme Court would make it impossible to end that barbaric practice through the legal system.  All this will completely change our nation – and not for the better.”

Should the Biden-Harris Administration pack the Supreme Court, it would mean adding several additional justices appointed by their own radically pro-abortion administration who would permanently shift the balance of the Court to the left and reverse the impact of President Trump’s three appointments to the High Court. With the Supreme Court under permanent control of the left, it will also negate the influence of President Trump’s over 300 judicial appointees to the Federal Courts.

The new Commission that will be providing recommendations to the current administration includes 36 men and women — some with startling backgrounds.  A quick look at just the two Co-Chairs, attorneys Bob Bauer and Cristina Rodriguez, who will direct the focus of the Commission, shows how the deck is stacked in favor of Court-packing.

Bob Bauer and Perkins Coie

Bauer’s biography, which was included in the April 9, 2021, press release, mentioned that Bauer is a former White House counsel to President Barack Obama who served as Co-Chair on Obama’s Presidential Commission on Election Administration – an important point to be discussed later.

He also served as an advisor to Biden during the 2020 Presidential Election.

What Bauer’s bio neglected to mention was that he was, until 2018, a long-time member of the immensely powerful and obviously corrupt law firm of Perkins Coie, which long represented Planned Parenthood in legal challenges to pro-life laws and other matters. 

Perkins Coie is perhaps best known as the legal firm that acted as the “bag man” for millions of dollars that was paid to Fusion GPS, (which also worked for Planned Parenthood), by the 2016 Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee for the creation of the fraudulent “Russian Dossier” against then-Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump.

More recently, Perkins Coie was involved in something near and dear to Bauer’s heart – the altering elections laws through the courts prior to the 2020 Presidential Election to remove election integrity rules and liberalize early voting and mail-in balloting, which were ripe for fraud.  Those legal maneuvers were done outside the state legislatures, which are specifically mentioned in the U.S. Constitution as the only body that is legally allowed to alter state election laws.  Those unconstitutional alterations are believed to have affected the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Bauer has stated that the Democrats are prepared to fight any challenges to the 2020 election results, which suddenly and suspiciously went for Biden in the wee hours of election night after Trump had led by a substantial margin up until that point.  He still refers to his former colleagues at Perkins Coie as “we.”

“We can respond anywhere in the country to these issues immediately,” Bauer told the Independent.

Today, in keeping with Bauer’s pledge, Perkins Coie currently employs a phalanx of attorneys led by Marc Elias, which are attempting to block all attempts to inspect and audit millions of suspect ballots in states like Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and others.

“This means that literally the same people who rigged the 2020 election are now working to rig the U.S. Supreme Court!” said Newman.

Bauer’s Maoist wife

Another tidbit of information omitted from Bauer’s White House bio is the fact that he is married to one of Biden’s senior advisors, Anita Dunn, who is responsible for controlling Biden’s messaging.

Dunn is a former White House Communications Director under Barack Obama.  She served as a Senior Partner in the tony public relations firm SKDKickerbocker, which was involved in the 2020 Biden Presidential Campaign.  During that campaign, she was responsible for messaging and managing scandals involving Biden that erupted during the campaign, which included successful efforts to suppress negative media and control the public narrative, something she continues to do as Biden’s Senior Advisor. 

In 2015, SKDKickerbocker was hired by Planned Parenthood to conduct crisis management after the release of damaging videos that showed Planned Parenthood executives haggling over the amount of cash they could get for selling aborted baby body parts to middle-man organ procurement companies.  State and federal law prohibits the sale of aborted baby remains for profit.

Under Dunn’s direction, SKDK immediately went to bat for Planned Parenthood by pressuring their contacts in the media to either drop the story or change the narrative to vilify the pro-life undercover journalists who caught Planned Parenthood in the embarrassing and likely criminal act.

Bauer’s wife, Anita, is also a self-described Maoist and has admitted that the brutal Communist dictator Mao Tse-tung, is her favorite “philosopher.”  That should disturb to all who are concerned with the role China is said to have played in influencing the 2020 Presidential Election. as well as its political/financial links to some of the most powerful American politicians, including Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Diane Feinstein, Congressman Eric Swalwell, and others.

Co-Chair Cristina Rodriguez

Leading the Commission on the Supreme Court along with Bauer is Cristina Rodriguez, a Yale Law School Professor, and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General with the Department of Justice.

Her areas of interest and research include constitutional law and theory, immigration law and policy, administrative law and process, and citizenship theory.  She co-authored a book about immigration law.

Rodriguez appears to be at least a nominal pro-abortion advocate who contributed background for a 2007 64-page attack on a South Dakota law that would have banned abortion except to save the life of a mother.

Rodriguez was a member of the Biden transition team, serving on a 29-member panel that reviewed several departments and programs for the incoming administration including the Department of Justice, Federal Election Commission, U.S. Election Assistance Commission, Commission on Civil Rights, and several programs related to disabilities.

She is a past member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a globalist organization of the “ruling elite” that was long chaired by David Rockefeller.  The CFR admits it works toward helping America embrace a one-world government, which is as unamerican as an ideology can get.

 Stacked deck

It is clear from looking at just these two co-chairs that this Commission is apt to rubber-stamp the idea of Court-packing.  Their final report will likely serve as justification the Biden-Harris Administration’s expected future decision to fundamentally alter the nature of the Court.

For Bob Bauer and his wife, Anita Dunn, it appears to be a years-long dream to rig the process to ensure that leftists/socialists remain permanently in power so that America can be substantially changed into their vision of a socialist, globalist state.

Globalism is inherently pro-abortion and carries within its ideology a radical depopulation agenda.

Cristina Rodriguez’s background makes it clear that she is a supporter of a one-world globalist system of government, which can only be obtained by first changing the U.S. Supreme Court to one that is guaranteed to uphold a leftist re-interpretation of the Constitution for generations into the future.

A Court packed with leftist justices that are eager to change the meaning of the Constitution will be empowered to strike down every pro-life law, ban opposition to abortion, and enshrine the lethal practice forever as the untouchable “law” of the land. 

If that happens, conservative pro-life Christians will be completely bereft of political power or the legal ability to stop it.

“We stand at a critical juncture as our nation teeters on a precipice.  If we tip one way, our free Republican is lost along with our ability to save innocent lives from abortion.  If we tip the other way, by God’s grace, we may save our nation and preserve the ability to end the evil of child-killing in America,” said Newman.  “We have a small window of opportunity, since it is likely that the Supreme Court alterations will come before the 2022 mid-term elections. It’s time to get on our knees and pray for divine favor then get up and do what we can to make a difference.  If we don’t speak out now, we may be forever barred from speaking out later in an oppressive socialist/communist version of America that will steal away our freedoms to intercede for the unborn.  This situation is really that serious.”