By Anne Reed

Downers Grove, IL – On April 26, an employee of Access Health Center, located in a suburb of Chicago, called 911 on behalf of a patient suffering from acute lower abdominal pain.

According to the abortion clinic employee who made the 911 call, the patient actually requested transport to a hospital emergency room. The caller showed little concern for the patient, describing her pain as mere “cramping.” But when the dispatcher asked for the patient’s description of the pain she was experiencing, it was characterized as “sharp pain” in her lower abdomen.  

Operation Rescue’s last report from this facility exposed a shocking lack of concern for a patient who was also experiencing pain after an abortion, as well as symptoms of shock. She was advised by the abortionist to get herself to a hospital. The abortion clinic staff agreed to make a 911 call only after the patient, who was unable to stand on her own, insisted on transport by ambulance.  

This more recent 911 recording, provided courtesy of Pro-life Action League in Chicago, reveals the same general attitude, requiring the patient to “self-manage” her abortion emergency.  

Some confusion ensued when the dispatcher asked for the patient’s age. When the caller stated the patient was 35, the dispatcher attempted to clarify the patient’s birth year was “1935,” which the caller confirmed. Because the abortion clinic employee answered in error, the computer-aided dispatch transcript incorrectly identifies the patient as 87 years of age.

Apparently, the dispatcher was not aware that Access Health Center is an abortion facility. The name alone certainly gives no indication. 

In reality, the staff at this facility kills babies up to 16 weeks gestation. Its website describes the second trimester abortion process to prospective clients as “removing the contents of your uterus with a gentle suction and medical tools.” 

In contrast, the same procedure is illustrated and honestly described by former abortionist, Dr. Kathi Aultman, in full detail below:  

Credit: Live Action

“There is nothing gentle about the cruel act of abortion, nor is there any ambiguity concerning ‘the contents’ being removed,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “When an abortionist is willing to violently dismember a growing baby in the intended safety of his or her mother’s womb, that same callousness naturally extends to the mother. This is exactly why Operation Rescue will continue to expose this pattern of evil disregard for human life at this abortion facility and others throughout the nation.”