Denver, CO — An ambulance quietly slipped into the parking lot of Planned Parenthood in Denver in the late afternoon of Tuesday, March 5, 2013, loaded up an abortion patient, and slipped out again. The ambulance ran without lights or sirens.
Local pro-life activist Rosalinda Lozano snapped a photo of the incident. She told Operation Rescue that the ambulance arrived around 5:00 p.m. and stayed about 20 minutes before finally leaving at around 5:20 p.m.
This is the second medical emergency documented at the Stapleton Planned Parenthood abortion clinic located on 38th Avenue in Denver in the past few months. On October 26, 2012, an ambulance transported a hemorrhaging woman to a local hospital, according to a 911 Computer Aided Dispatch Transcript released to Operation Rescue by local pro-life activists.
Operation Rescue is currently seeking documentation related to the most recent medical emergency through an open records request.
This is the eighth medical emergency documented by Operation Rescue at abortion clinic so far this year and the fourth one in 2013 at a Planned Parenthood affiliated abortion clinic. Injuries have included hemorrhaging, respiratory distress, and one maternal fatality. Jennifer Morbelli died from complications to a 33-week abortion done by LeRoy Carhart in Germantown, Maryland, on February 7.
“All the abortion clinics where medical emergencies have taken place in 2013 have been involved in multiple incidents. That indicates that there is something dreadfully wrong at abortion clinics around the nation where women are being exposed to risk of grave injury or death every day,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue. “Yet, with all the evidence, state authorities are reluctant to enforce abortion laws and patient care standards. As a result, this reluctance has created a dangerous climate for women as abortionists continue to run amok with very little, if any, accountability.
“The average American woman has no idea what she is in for when she walks into an abortion clinic because the abortion cartel and pro-abortion media work overtime to keep the truth from them. Women and their pre-born babies deserve so much better than this.”

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