Carhart’s Deceased Late-Term Abortion Patient Identified

Germantown, MD – The identity of the woman who died Thursday from complications to a 33-week abortion done by LeRoy Carhart has been reported by pro-life blogger Jill Stanek at

That woman was Jennifer Leigh Morbelli, 29, a kindergarten teacher from White Plains, New York. The Morbelli’s had been expecting a daughter, Madison Leigh. The mother and daughter will be interred together in New York on Wednesday.

Operation Rescue extends heart-felt condolences and prayers to her family and friends in their time of bereavement.

Investigations into Mrs. Morbelli’s death are underway by the police and Medical Examiner’s office.

“Jennifer was a beautiful woman was loved and cherished by many, whose future appeared bright. Her passing is an unspeakable tragedy,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “We are dedicated to working through the legal system to ensure that no more women will suffer Jennifer’s fate.”

Operation Rescue had already discovered the woman’s identity prior to its publication, but refrained from immediately releasing it out of sensitivity for the family.

Mrs. Morbelli died at Shady Grove Hospital on Thursday. While the Medical Examiner has yet to officially determine the cause of death, it is believed she died from massive internal bleeding as the result of a third trimester abortion she received at Germantown Reproductive Health Services, where Carhart works.

Efforts by family and hospital staff to reach Carhart when Mrs. Morbelli’s condition worsened were unsuccessful and may have contributed to her death.

“This is a case of not only shoddy practices, but patient abandonment that we believe rises to the level of criminal conduct,” said Newman. “We will press for criminal charges in this case, in addition to Board discipline.”

In 2005, another Carhart patient, 19-year old Christin Gilbert, also died from the risky late-term abortion procedure employed by Carhart and other third trimester abortionists across the nation. Operation Rescue has documented nearly a dozen additional serious complications over the past three years related to this same procedure, raising serious questions about its safety.

“We urge the immediate passage of laws at the state level banning late-term abortions in order to protect other women and their viable babies from unnecessary injury and death,” said Newman.


  • Julianne

    “…the Morbelli’s had been expecting a daughter, Madison Leigh…” If this was so, why was she killing the baby in the 3rd trimester?

  • Operation Rescue

    Her baby was wanted until the child was reportedly diagnosed with a seizure disorder. One of her friends that posted to a previous story indicated that Jennifer thought the abortion was a selfless act. I have compassion on those who are pressured by physicians to abort babies who do not meet their standard of perfection. It is hard to stand up to that kind of pressure. Unfortunately, our society does not easily accept the birth of those who have difficult health issues. While we do not condone her decision, we are not here to judge this woman. Instead, our focus now is on making sure no one else suffers her fate by holding Carhart accountable through legal channels. If he did not engage in the appalling practice of third trimester abortions, women like Jennifer would be more apt to seek life-affirming solutions that are available to families like hers. As long as Carhart is allowed to continue practicing, women’s lives, as well as the lives of their babies, remain in grave danger. Revocation of his medical license and new laws that prohibit late term abortions are good first steps toward stopping the carnage.

  • Nancy

    Eternal rest grant unto Jennifer and Madison dear Lord and may perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed now rest in peace. Amen.My heart goes out to Jennifer’s family.May the peace of Christ be with them.

  • doris

    This is unfortunate, but many people that had successful abortions should be celebrated. They did what was right for them. I’m pro-choice and my mother placed me for adoption instead of choosing an abortion. Some people question my belief in pro-choice – if you truly believe in the soul, you would be pro-choice too. The soul lives on. We only use our bodies for a short time.

  • ashley taylor

    I just cannot fathom abortion at this stage…or any stage. But this woman had named this poor baby. Hadn’t she already bonded with her?! How could she have believed this precious baby needed to die…doesn’t she know this baby felt more physical pain than she? Now the daddy is out a wife and a daughter. I hate abortion, and will weep for this child as I have for millions of others. God help us.

  • ashley taylor

    Doris, believing in the soul does not make the act of dismembering limb by limb the most defenseless humans. Not only are they voiceless their strengthless. They can’t fight back they can’t scream for help. There is no choice in this there is only murder. Maybe we only use our bodies for a time, but does that make torturing these babies OK? I think you need to educate yourself on abortion procedures, and types.

  • lizluyben


    Your comment it unspeakably evil. What sort of person are you to
    “celebrate” the murder of a child? Unbelievable.

  • Leslie

    Seizure disorder? I cant tell you how many times I’ve heard them be wrong. Sorry there Doris I have a hard time celebrating anybody’s decision to exterminate their child. Just does not seem like a reason to party to me.

  • Alexis Ryann

    Doris, you do know that 3rd term abortion physically dismembers the child right? In other words, the child is torn from limb to limb after they are stabbed in the back of the brain to kill them which doesn’t necessarily always kill them so they continue to feel the excruciating pain.

  • Teri

    No Heaven… No New Paradise….
    when you kill a human baby, en womb
    Your soul must go thru possible years of purification.first.
    You will be hopelessly sad, as now you know and accept the Truth.
    You will passionately want to be with Jesus, and your baby,
    nd family members who are there.
    Some souls take thirty years to purify.

    Good thing is that you can start the purification now, here on earth. Doing so may give you an admission ticket, thru the narrow door, entering The New Paradise, and closeness to Jesus and the Almighty Father.

    Hurry! Not much time remaining before Jesus returns, to judge, and take those qualified purified souls into their true inherritence, the New Paradise.

  • Rand

    Doris, you’re either a troll or ignorant. I don’t know how old you are, but lets say you’re 40.
    If you actually do believe this way, why don’t you volunteer to have a 163rd trimester abortion done to yourself and see how it feels.

  • Sarah Korin

    Abortion as a “selfless” act?? How about an extremely selfish act!! That baby suffered immensly while the mother was given life saving measures and pain relief as she left this earth…
    I was told my son would have spina bifida and suffered massive pressure as I was only 17 and my parents wanted an abortion even before that knowledge. That info just gave them an excuse to keep pushing a sick selfish agenda. My baby was moving and I was not killing him, no way, no how!! As I got closer to delivery I was told he would most likely be retarded due to lack of oxygen too.
    Turns out ALL those Dr’s were wrong!! He was born perfect and healthy with no sign of any spina bifida or retardation!! He was very small at 32 weeks but breathing room air and came home a few weeks later. That was 18 years ago; and he is the light of my life.
    Since when is a “seizure disorder” grounds for murder??? My adopted daugter was born with a severe drug addiction and has major medical issues… I’m thankful for her. I sure would not want this kindergarten teacher anywhere near her.
    Doris, I notice that you are already born and you are a bit creepy if you believe that infanticide and dismemberment is something to celebrate.

  • Hughuenot

    She was killed trying to have her daughter killed.

  • Dianne

    Just had a discussion with a nut case going by the name of Pro-Life Rising From the Ashes. Beware! She accuses you of reveling in this woman’s death because you do not feel sympathy for her murdering her baby. I feel sorry for this baby and the family for this woman’s CHOICE to kill an almost full term baby. Killing because the child is inconvenient is a selfish act.

  • Cheryle

    Seizure disorder is something you can live with and how can they tell that early in the womb. That is just ridiculous. I feel so bad for the loss of both mother and child but the medical field has to stop delving so much into a child before they are born and always trying to rid of the world of so-called imperfect children. I have two girls that have seizure disorder and I could not imagine my life without them. In fact, both of them have their seizures in check with medication and one is a nurse that helps the elderly. This whole thing could have been avoided if doctors that probably do not even under seizure disorder as I have found out most do not would have told the parents to see a neurologist first. Abortion is never the answer for any reason.

  • Cheryle

    I meant doctors do not understand seizure disorder

  • doris

    Reducing the discussion to name-calling is an interesting tactic…but not very helpful.
    I did not know this information about how a 3rd term abortion is accomplished. How terrible. Thank you for the information. We are all learning, aren’t we? I am a vegetarian and believe that the terror felt by an unborn human is probably similar to the horror felt by an animal led to slaughter. In fact, when I think about eating meat, my soul feels the pain the animal went through as they were slaughtered. Both seem incomprehensible. However, for some women, in the early stages of pregnancy, I can’t help but think it brings about less pain for both souls.

  • Julianne

    Doris, It boggles my mind that even now people do not understand the reality of a late term abortion, that it is a dissection and dismemberment of a viable child. Yet even an early first term abortion kills a human being, and there are many valid, yet largely unreported, (by mainstream media) studies showing the effects on women after having an abortion. The long term emotional and psychological suffering a woman goes through once she kills her child, is very difficult to be healed from. We are just not wired to be able to kill with impunity, especially our own flesh and blood.

  • doris

    The topic is not something that I’ve ever been curious enough about to read up on, sorry. I guess I assumed that if a drug could induce the abortion, it could also induce a similar effect as the stabbing in the back of the brain.
    I have known several people who have had early term abortions, but even when a story like this appears in the news, they typically don’t detail the procedure itself and it’s not the sort of thing I would ask someone about.
    The same emotional and psychological suffering occurs to a woman when she puts her child up for adoption, but some women (who have experienced both) think it is worse because our culture perpetuates that she “did the right thing” and, at least with an abortion there is finality. I believe that women in both situations deserve support and respect. They never seem to heal, nor should they be expected to.

  • Debby

    My daughter was delivered by emergency c-section after I began to hemorrhage, at 34 weeks. She weighed 6 pounds, 5 ounces, and after spending one day in the special care nursery she was moved into my hospital room for the rest of our stay; three days later we both went home. That was almost 23 years ago, practically the dinosaur age compared to the medical care that is available today. That lethal excuse for a “doctor” should be charged with double homicide.

  • Hunter Nightblood

    First of all, I’m christian and pro-choice. Spare me the “I’m satanic” comments. With that out of the way, I do believe that these types of abortions are wrong. First trimester, yes. Third, no.

  • Leslie

    there really is no way to be pro choice and Christian. That’s an oxymoron.

  • erin

    Doris, really? Educating us on your philosophical beliefs of our useless bodies and enduring souls when you aren’t even capable of reading wikipedia to brush up on your stance and cause to celebrate? I’m a vegetarian too so maybe we can relate on this… is it somehow better for you to eat veal instead of steak? Is it easier on your everlasting soul to know that the cow is killed earlier rather than later?

    Do the world a favor, if it’s not a topic you’d bother to ask or research about, don’t waste our time preaching about it either. I’m with Rand, try out the 163rd trimester abortion. At least you’re not innocent!

  • erin

    Oh, and we DO support and respect women in both situations! That’s why we pray outside of clinics for the child AND the mother. We know how horrid abortion is on the mother and pray for her to change her mind so she can avoid that pain, and if she doesn’t, we pray for God to take mercy and lessen it.
    There’s probably a reason society “perpetuates” that adoption is the right way. It is, for all parties involved, unless of course you think you’d be better off dead.

  • glh

    So Doris, killing of any sort of anyone is actually a self-less act, if as you say, the bodies are only used for a ‘short time’ and does not effect the soul? Now, who gets to decide who dies? Anyone? What about our laws and court system? Rid of it? I mean can’t we justify killing of any sort or anyone by your explanation? Should we not celebrate that this person or this soul is free from it’s body? Why are you still here Doris? What if someone decided your fate was to die? Would your family and friends celebrate?

  • glh

    Hunter N: just read your public profile. Your explanation of yourself, “said everything about you”, you stated. I did not see anything in there about being a Christian or that Jesus is Lord. I did see your profile, saying “all the world needs is me”?? Now there’s two-words for that quote: SELF ABSORBED, or worse my dear.

  • Liz

    Please lets not judge anyone but pray they are at peace with the lord. None of us is right to make judgement on anyone, that should be left to God and his infinate mercy.

  • Julianne

    Hunter Nightblood, just because you are an American, does not make you a “Christian”, or as you put it “christian”. It may seem a small distinction to some, but is actually of eternal importance! A Christian (Capital “C”) is a follower of Jesus Christ – one who has accepted God’s gift of redemption. Those who follow the Giver of Life do not usually believe in cold blooded murder, which is a more honest way to describe “pro-choice”.

  • Hunter Nightblood

    Let’s see, I go to church. I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. I believe in heaven. By definition that makes me a christian. I just believe that women should have a right to choose how they use their body. I also believe in gay marriage, yet I still am a Christian.

    glh: Just because I don’t say it on a public profile, doesn’t mean I am not a Christian. If you really want a public profile that says I’m a Christian, then head on over to . Scroll down to deviantID and look at the fourth stamp on the fourth row. It says that I’m a Christian. So I do have a public profile that says I’m a Christian. Oh, and I’m slightly sarcastic in my writing and speaking. That’s why my profile says “That’s all you need to know.”

    leslie: I don’t pride myself on being a stereotype. If you believe it’s a oxymoron, go ahead. But I will tell you I’m a Christian and pro-choice, and there is nothing you can do to change my mind.

    Julianne: I’m sorry I forgot to capitalize Christian. I really am. I still believe that Jesus for our sins on the cross.

  • Hunter Nightblood

    glh: Reread your comment. The quote “All the world needs is me’ is from a video game called The World Ends With You. I enjoy the video game, so I made my profile picture based off of it.

  • Leslie

    Hunter, I wont try to change your mind there is no need for that. What I will say is our Bible says the Lord hates the “shedding of the blood of innocents”, “thou shall not kill”, “I (God) knit in together in your mothers womb”, “I knew you before you were born”. So no I wont try to convince you other wise, if you pray and between you and God in your quiet moments with the Lord you really feel this is okay with him then that’s between the two of you. As for me I feel that God creates all life, even at inconvenient times.

    I wont badger you with where the scripture is on this issue, you can take time and discover it for yourself.

  • doris

    To glh-
    I guess we could justify death to anyone since the soul lives on. I don’t get very sad when people die because of this belief. We have laws that protect us against murder for other reasons, and because most people do not share this belief with me, I guess.
    I would hope my friends and family would celebrate that who ever had the power to determine my fate was to die, that the decision was the right one. For example, if I suddenly found out I had a life-ending disease, i wouldn’t want everyone to be in an uproar with anger and sadness, but rather, to celebrate the life I’ve lived.
    Similar to a woman who makes this choice. It’s painful either way. I have to hold my ground, only because, just like deciding whether the body of an animal should be killed, I don’t feel I have the choice. I only choose what I have control over. It’s the choice of the mother, and of the person who will eat the meat of the animal. It’s not really my say what is best for them. Nor can I judge, only share my perspective.

  • ALC

    I am sure the victim’s family dose not appreciate their loved one’s business being made public like this. I feel that these pro life organizations are over stepping their boundaries when they run stories like this without the family’s consent. You see, Jennifer’s family did not want her coworkers and friends to know she died of complications from an abortion due to judgmental status of these decisions. But thanks to organizations like this and others, a family can not grieve in peace. Praying in front of the clinics is one thing, Humiliating a family in their grief is sickening. My hearts break for her family, and as far Dr. Carhart goes, somebody please explain to me why this idiot still able to practice medicine? This makes two now.

  • tiffany

    She got what she deserved. I am sorry but I don’t feel sorry for some who died murdering their viable child.

  • LauraC

    I’ve always been pro life, but the Gosnell case took me to such a low. Why is the ability to kill a baby a marker of progression of the “rights” of women? Thank you for having me and allowing me to post my comment.

  • Chris

    So much evil in the world. Stories like this make me unquestionably believe that the devil is among us. Donate what you can to charities like this one. They are fighting the good fight for good. Pray that the people who have been swayed by the devil can find the light again.

  • Mary

    If she really want that baby, she would not think of abortion no matter why, for no reasons!

  • Born again

    Let’s call it like it is. Abortion is murder. Even more striking is the fact that a person thinks it is wrong to eat meat but that murder of defenseless babies is ok. Next, let’s send the guilty parties to trial and sentenced for first degree murder. Many of the guilty parties would end up on death row. Even death row is more humane than the excruciating pain of abortion. Wake up oh sleepers before your time is up. I pray for America’s eyes and hearts to open to the truth. P.s. God gave us the Ten Commandments for a reason.