By Cheryl Sullenger

Washington, D.C. — The U.S. Senate has scheduled an initial procedural vote on H.R. 3755, known as the pro-abortion “Women’s Health Protection Act.”   The vote, which is set for February 28, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. ET, will determine whether debate will take place on the legislation.

H.R. 3755 passed the U.S. House last September but is expected to face a tougher road in the Senate, where the Republicans currently hold a temporary single vote majority due to the absence of Sen. Ben Ray Luján (D-NM), who suffered a stroke in January.

If the initial vote fails to pass, the bill will die in the Senate.  If the vote is successful, it would proceed to a debate in the Senate then eventually to a vote on the bill itself.

This legislation is the result of a 2020 campaign promise made by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who vowed to protect abortion, expand it, and encode it in Federal Law.  H.R. 3755 has moved to the front burner in the Senate to thwart a U.S. Supreme Court abortion ruling expected in the spring that could overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that decriminalized abortion in America. 

It is also a reaction to the Texas Heartbeat Act that went into effect on September 1, 2021, prohibiting abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which occurs at approximately six weeks gestation.  Abortions in Texas fell by 60 percent in the first month after the new law was enacted, sending abortion promoters into a tail spin.

According to information provided by, H.R.3755 would prohibit governmental restrictions on the “provision of, and access to, abortion services.” 

“In essence, this extreme piece of legislation would nullify nearly every pro-life law on the books in every state,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.  “It would wipe out the right of states to make laws that protect women and their babies from harm and exploitation by a greedy Abortion Cartel. State authorities would be forced to stand idly by while abortionists continue to injure and maim women during botched abortions, fail health inspections, and commit other abortion atrocities.”

Under H.R. 3755, governments would be prohibited from limiting the ability of abortionists to do the following:

  • Prescribe certain drugs (such as abortion pills).
  • Offer abortion services via telemedicine, nullifying life-saving laws in 19 states.
  • Immediately conduct abortions when the provider determines a delay risks the patient’s so-called “health,” by-passing abortion reflection periods that have helped thousands of women reconsider their initial decision to abort their babies.

H.R. 3755 also bars governments from additional abortion-related actions:

  • Requiring abortionists to perform “unnecessary” medical procedures.  (Such as pelvic exams to rule out dangerous ectopic pregnancies before handing out abortion drugs.)
  • Requiring abortionists to provide “medically inaccurate” information. (Such as accurate information hated by abortionists about abortion pill reversal regimens, which have saved over 3,000 babies to date.)
  • Requiring abortionists to comply with credentialing or other conditions that do not apply to providers whose services are medically comparable to abortions – even though there are no other services that are comparable to destroying the life of a human child in the womb.
  • Requiring in-person visits before receive abortion services, which would negatively impact the lucrative “pills by post” scheme that has ties to depopulation advocacy groups.
  • Limiting abortions prior to “viability,” which is a relative term that has been pushed back due to advances in premature infant care.
  • Limiting abortions “after viability when a provider determines the pregnancy risks the patient’s life or health.” (“Health” is a broad term that can be used justifying late-term abortions on the most frivolous of whims.)

“H.R. 3755 will open a Pandora’s Box out of which will flow the innocent blood of aborted babies on a scale we have never seen before,” said Newman.  “It puts abortionists and their profits above life-saving laws that have dramatically reduced the number of abortions in the U.S.  We must fight this legislation with every legal means at our disposal, or forever lose the ability to end abortion in our nation.”

Please contact your Senators today and tell them to vote against opening debate on H.R. 3755.

Visit the Senate contact page.