Washington, DC – Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius has again shown how out-of-touch she is with the American people when she made statements today that indicated she believes that people “will be happy” about the new law once they learn more about it.
“It makes me wonder what cave Sebelius has been hiding in if she isn’t aware that people have been discussing Obama’s health care proposals for over a year. They have been discussed on news and talk shows ad nauseum,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The people are acutely aware of what the bill means in terms of abortion coverage and government takeover. That is why an overwhelming majority oppose it.”
The largest opposition to the health care bill came as a result of provisions that would allow for tax-funding of abortions. Over 71% of the public opposes such funding. It is thought that an executive order that Obama has promised to sign that would prohibit tax money from paying for abortions would not be legally binding if the ban on funding were to be challenged in court.
“As passed, the bill will allow for abortion funding, and Sebelius knows it,” said Newman. “But then again, she never met an abortion she didn’t like.”
As Kansas governor, Sebelius blocked efforts to clean up filthy abortion clinics, interfered in a medical board investigation of an abortion death, and worked to insure that late-term abortions of questionable legality continued unabated in the state. She was photographed entertaining late-term abortionist George Tiller and his entire abortion clinic staff at a party at the governor’s mansion that was paid for by the state. During her confirmation hearings, Sebelius underreported the amount of money that Tiller had pumped into her political campaigns, and corrected the amount only after Operation Rescue produced the evidence that she was not telling the truth.
“Sebelius is a radical supporter of abortion and is not above misleading the public as to the militant nature of her abortion support,” said Newman. “Of course she loves the new health care bill because it is the largest expansion of abortion funding in our nation’s history. The vast majority of the American people will never be happy about that, but Sebelius is too blinded by her radical ideology to see it.”