Operation Rescue Demands Emergency Inspections of All Kansas Abortion Mills

OR invites Gov. Sebelius to tour the Central Women’s Services building to view filthy, unsafe conditions for herself.

Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue is calling for emergency inspections of the four remaining Kansas abortion mills in light of filthy and unsafe conditions discovered when Operation Rescue bought the Central Women’s Services building last month.

Operation Rescue invites Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to tour the Central Women’s Services facility and see the conditions for herself.

Discovered were horrific, unclean conditions in addition to out-of-code electrical wiring and plumbing, broken ceilings, and evidence of roach and rodent infestations.

This is the second Kansas abortion mill discovered to have horrendous conditions. Last year, a Kansas City abortion mill run by Krishna Rajanna was found to be filthy and infested with rodents. Food and aborted baby bodies were stored in the same refrigerator and there were allegations reported by a Kansas City police detective of suspected cannibalism. Rajanna eventually lost his medical license and his mill was closed.

In April, 2005, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius vetoed HB 2503, a bill that would have required abortion mills to meet basic minimum standards. In her veto statement she said, “As governor, nothing is more important to me than the safety and good health of our citizens. Kansans must be assured when they receive care in a hospital or clinic that their providers meet high standards of safety and responsibility.”

“If Sebelius was telling the truth, she will order immediate emergency inspections of all remaining abortion clinics in the state of Kansas, and close those where similar conditions exist in the interest of public health and safety,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Both closed abortion offices in the past year have been found to have conditions that no human being should ever have to endure. It is absolutely scandalous that women are being subjected to these filthy unsafe chop shops with the stamp of approval of the Governor’s Office.”

“A crisis exists in the Kansas abortion industry and Sebelius has done everything she could to allow these shocking conditions to continue to exist,” said Newman. “She was just plain wrong to veto clinic regulations, and we now own the building that proves it.”

View photos of shocking conditions at closed abortion mill

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  • Mary

    What an excellent idea to have Gov. Sebelius tour the closed abortion mill. Those legislators who, along with Sebelius, also opposed HB2503 should accompany her as well. They should then be asked if they would consider this facility for their own use or for that of their daughters, wives, sisters, or any woman who they love. I would expect to hear a resounding “yes” since what’s good enough for millions of other women in Kansas should certainly be good enough for the governor, legislators, and their loved ones!
    These horrific conditions are nothing new. Around 30 years ago I read of an investigation into similar dangerous and appalling conditons in several Chicago clinics. Several of these clinics referred late term abortion patients to an abortionist/drug addict in Detroit. He and his wife ran this clinic in the most horrific conditions. In the course of the investigation it was discovered that a patient and her male accomplice signed sworn affidavits stating that the abortionist actually permitted his large dog to walk around the operating room, sniffing instruments, and…I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.
    The reporter naturally questioned the abortionist about this and he of course denied it. Where then did two different people get the notion of a dog, the reporter asked. The abortionist responded that they must have heard him referring to one of his patients! When the reporter asked if he always referred to his patients as “dogs” the abortionist replied: “If you saw what they sent me from Chicago you’d see what I mean”.

  • just curious

    Who are the other roaches named after? Is one of them named Edna…?!

  • Carol

    I am shocked the people running the mill left everything behind for the new owners to see.
    But, then again, THEY WEREN’T DOING ANYTHING ILLEGAL, so they had nothing to hide!
    We must continue to press for laws to put them out of business. Keep up the good fight, OR!

  • The pro-abortion side is whining about O’Reilly and Kline making generalizations about abortions taking place in Tiller’s child slaughterhouse. Tiller’s lawyers are talking about customer “privacy.” It’s funny because in prior years, Tiller gave his customer data, including NAMES and PHONE NUMBERS to ProKanDo, a pro-abortion political action committee. O’Reilly exposed that on the air in 2005. Shortly thereafter, the notice disappeared from Tiller’s web site. Will the pro-abortion crowd condemn what Tiller’s child slaughter business was doing? I’m not going to hold my breath.