Take the quiz to see if you can correctly identify the abortion clinic
Pensacola, FL – The Community Healthcare Center, formerly known as the Ladies Center, in Pensacola, Florida, has closed. The infamous abortion clinic that was the site of over two decades of pro-life protests, failed renew its lab license last year. Authorities on a routine inspection of the clinic discovered that the clinic had been operating illegally for 413 days and levied the mandated fine of $1,000 per day. The clinic was unable to pay the $413,000 fine and was forced to close on October 30.
“It is ironic that regulations closed this clinic and not violence,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The closure of this clinic is a victory for those who, like Operation Rescue, work through peaceful, legal activism to close abortion clinics.”
The abortion clinic had been bombed in 1984 and was the site where Paul Hill shot and killed an abortionists and security guard in 1995. Hill was later executed for the killings. Operation Rescue denounces such violence and urges pro-life supporters to work within the law to close clinics and bring scofflaw abortionists to justice.
“We have yet to find an abortion clinic that obeys the law,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “There are enough laws on the books right now to close nearly every abortion clinic in the country, if those laws were enforced. The closing of the Community Health Care Center illustrates that point perfectly.
“It is the pro-life community that must act as the watchdogs of the abortion cartel and demand enforcement when the laws are broken. Wherever pro-lifers are doing that, we are seeing abortionists arrested and clinics closed, and that directly translates into saved lives.”
The closing came during a peaceful pro-life prayer event affiliated with 40 Days for Life.
We invite you to take the following quiz.
All three photos in the quiz below are actual pictures of various medical clinics. One photo depicts the abortion clinic that closed recently in Pensacola, FL. Can you tell just by looking which picture is the abortion clinic? The answer will be posted later this week.

Quiz Answer: Can you tell which building is the recently closed abortion clinic?
Earlier this week we asked you to take the quiz and see if you could properly identify the abortion clinic that recently closed in Pensacola, FL, from other legitimate medical offices.
Apparently the word is getting out about the shoddy and dangerous conditions at our nation’s abortion clinics because, as of this writing, 71.9 percent of you correctly identified photograph “3” as the abortion clinic.
Also pictured is the office of my personal family practitioner in photo “1.” She has a beautiful office and still manages to serve a mostly Hispanic and low income patients. Photo “2” is the veterinarian clinic where my two cats, Genevieve and Sophie, are treated. It is modern and clean.
It is not surprising (but still shocking) that my cats are cared for at a nicer facility than what women were subjected to at that dilapidated Pensacola office, which looks more like a haunted house than a surgical center.
Click here to learn more about appalling conditions we discovered when we bought and closed a Wichita abortion clinic in 2006. Today, after extensive renovations that building serves as the beautiful and functional national headquarters for Operation Rescue.
Thanks to all who participated,
Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor, Operation Rescue