Reward offered for information leading to Brigham’s arrest and conviction!
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By Cheryl Sullenger
Phillipsburg, New Jersey — Operation Rescue has reason to believe that Steven Chase Brigham may be slipping into some of his American Women’s Services abortion businesses to conduct illegal abortions.
Brigham’s New Jersey medical license was revoked in October 2014, after he was caught running an illegal bi-state late-term abortion scheme that nearly killed one young woman.
He holds no active medical license in any state and it is illegal for him to conduct abortions or engage in any other medical practice.
Operation Rescue is asking the public for help in documenting this suspected illegal activity that could be placing women’s lives in jeopardy.
Brigham continues to operate abortion facilities in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Florida, but he has been known to operate secretly and illegally in other states from time to time.
“We are seeking women who may have had an abortion by Brigham in any state from November 2014, to the present,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “If there are women out there that recognize Brigham as the man who conducted their abortions, we want to hear from them.”
Operation Rescue’s Whistleblowers Program offers a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of an abortionist who is breaking the law.
[Learn more about the Abortion Whistleblower’s Program.]
“Brigham is one of the most deceptive and dangerous abortionists out there and we have piles of documentation to support that statement. Cutting corners on women’s health has become standard operating procedure at his disreputable abortion facilities,” said Newman. “If he is in fact doing abortions without a medical license, that is a crime and must be reported to the proper authorities.”
The unlicensed practice of medicine is a crime in all 50 states. Possible penalties include jail or prison, fines, probation, and restitution.
“We strongly believe that Brigham poses a serious danger to the public and we encourage anyone with information that might help put him behind bars to call and talk with us,” said Newman. “Confidentiality will be respected.”
Anyone who suspects Steven Chase Brigham may have done their abortion between November 2014, and the present anywhere in the country is encouraged to contact Operation Rescue at 316-683-6790, ext. 112.
Please help spread the word by posting this announcement to social media using the hashtag #JailBrigham.
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