By Cheryl Sullenger

Norman, OK – For 47 years, abortionist Larry A. Burns took the lives of innocent children in the womb at his Abortion Surgery Center in Norman, Oklahoma.  There will not be a forty-eighth year.  That is because Burns retired in July and closed his abortion business for good.

Burn’s former clinic’s location is now occupied by a medical office that does not conduct abortions.

Burns was known for challenging Oklahoma pro-life bills.  In 2015, he successfully sued to block a bill that would have helped bring child rapists to justice.  The bill would have mandated abortion facilities submit a sample of fetal tissue to law enforcement for DNA analysis to aid in catching men who rape girls under 14 years of age.  That bill was struck down by the Oklahoma Supreme Court in 2016.

Abortionist Larry A. Burns, shown here in 2015, leaving a courtroom after a hearing on his suit to block a law that would have helped bring child rapists to justice.

Burns was also sued several times by women who claimed to have been injured during abortions.  Most were dismissed or settled out of court.

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“It’s a pathetic thing when your legacy is 47 years of dead babies and a lawsuit that protected child rapists,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.  “Oklahoma is a better place today without Burns’ abortion business preying on vulnerable woman and profiting off the backs of dead babies.”

The Abortion Surgery Center was the site of pro-life prayers and outreach for decades.  One pro-lifer who prayed and offered help to women there for 25 years expressed gratitude that Burns’ abortion business is now closed.

“It is a victory to have the mill shut down even though he killed for 47 years.  He had no replacement.  That is our legacy,” Stuart Bensch told Operation Rescue.

With the closure of the Burns abortion business, there remains three surgical abortion facilities in Oklahoma.  Those facilities are Trust Women Oklahoma City, the Tulsa Women’s Clinic, and a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Oklahoma City that opened last year.  Planned Parenthood also operates an abortion pill distribution facility in Tulsa.