Former Planned Parenthood director, 36-year-old Tim Yergeau, committed suicide on April 11, just five days after New Haven, Connecticut, police botched an attempt to raid his home as part of a child pornography investigation. 

Prior to August 2022, Yergeau was the director of strategic communications for the Southern New England Region of Planned Parenthood. 

Police confirmed he was the suspect in the child pornography investigation. However, the New Haven Special Victims Unit knocked down the door of Yergeau’s upstairs neighbor in error. They placed her in handcuffs before realizing they were in the wrong residence.

The mishandled raid undoubtedly made Yergeau aware of his own pending arrest. 

Though unverified reports indicate the investigation involved videos of children being sexually assaulted, police declined to reveal the details of the warrant, charges, and exactly what was found during a search of Yergeau’s apartment. The police are continuing to investigate whether others were involved in the alleged criminal acts, as well as the failed raid and Yergeau’s suicide.  

Though Yergeau was no longer employed by Planned Parenthood, the alleged criminal activities related to the abusive sexualization of children are consistent with the international abortion conglomerate’s mode of operation – encouraging the sexualization of children, and performing abortions on children while protecting their rapists.  

“Planned Parenthood brings in billions of dollars guiding people into a state of hopelessness – an entire gamut of sinful behaviors with consequences that, apart from repentance and a relationship with Christ – the Creator of life – ultimately lead to destruction,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. 

“We are deeply saddened to see this play out in this young man’s life. This, among other obvious reasons, is why we must continue to expose the great evil of child sacrifice and the abortion cartel that facilitates it.”  

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