By Cheryl Sullenger

Orange, CA – A woman suffering from serious but unknown abortion complications was transported by ambulance from the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Orange, California, on June 26, 2020.

This Planned Parenthood facility, which is operated by Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties, has a checkered history of involvement in botched abortions – ten documented by Operation Rescue – and public scandals that have captured national headlines.

Information about the medical emergency was unavailable because there was no record with the City of Orange Fire Department of any call being made to 911. 

Even though calling 911 is the fastest way to get help in a medical emergency, the fact no records exist shows that Planned Parenthood bypassed the 911 exchange and directly phoned an ambulance provider.  This is being done by abortion facilities more frequently in order to keep information about the dangers women face during abortions from the public.

Involvement in baby parts trafficking

The Orange Planned Parenthood was involved in supplying aborted baby body parts to DaVinci Biologics and DaVinci Biosciences, which in turn sold the human remains worldwide. The DaVinci companies were sued by the Orange County District Attorney’s office for illegally profiting from the sales.

The DaVinci companies admitted guilt, paid $7.8 million in a settlement, and agreed to stop doing business in California.

Video testimony from Planned Parenthood executives released in May 2020, shows that Planned Parenthood admitted to trafficking in aborted baby remains and lying to cover it up.

$7.5 million in PPP loans

Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties was also one of 37 Planned Parenthood organizations that improperly received over $80 million in coronavirus stimulus loans under the Federal Payroll Protection Program (PPP). 

In fact, Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties received an astounding $7.5 million, the largest of the loans, which helped keep the Orange Planned Parenthood abortion facility open for business while other legitimate businesses were forced to close.

“Now we are seeing what Americans have gotten for our $7.5 million at the Orange Planned Parenthood.  We have gotten dead babies, trafficked body parts, and injured women,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

[Watch Tucker Carlson’s exclusive Fox News report on this scandal.]

The Small Business Association has sent a letter to Planned Parenthood organizations informing them that they were ineligible for the forgivable loans and threatened civil and criminal penalties if the funds were not returned.  Federal law prohibits federal funding of facilities that conduct abortions.  Planned Parenthood has refused to give back the funds. 

Twenty-seven GOP Senators sent a letter in May to Attorney General Bill Barr asking for an investigation into the Planned Parenthood PPP loans.

“The Planned Parenthood in Orange has been operating like a criminal enterprise and needs to be shut down,” said Newman. “So far they have managed to game the system, but sooner or later, they must be held accountable for their harmful and deceptive conduct in a court of law.”