Jackson, MS — The passionate effort to end abortion in Mississippi has garnered national attention over the last several days, following hard on the heals of a South Dakota abortion ban signed into law on Monday. Keith Mason, a missionary with Operation Rescue, spent the last several days in Jackson, Mississippi, one of the hotbeds of the abortion debate in the nation. The purpose of his trip, a part of Operation Rescue’s “Year of Justice” Campaign, was to encourage the residents in their efforts to ban all abortions in the state through SB 2922.
The bill originally allowed abortion-minded women to view sonograms before their abortions. It was then amended to ban nearly all abortions.
When asked whether he’d sign a bill with no exceptions for rape or incest, Gov. Haley Barbour said, “It hasn’t gotten to my desk yet. When one gets there, we’ll find out, and I suspect I’ll sign it. But I would certainly rather it come to my desk with an exception for rape and incest. I think that’s consistent with the opinion of the vast majority of Mississippians and Americans.”
In response to the governor’s statement, Rep. Holland introduced an amendment in the House that made an exception in the bill for rape and incest. Sadly, now SB 2922 allows children to be killed because of the crimes of their fathers.
Keith Mason was able to briefly meet Gov. Barbour and presented him with an Operation Rescue “Stop Abortion Now” lapel pin.
Mason joined, Terri Herring President of Pro Life Mississippi, as she spoke with different Senators about the abortion ban, asking them to strike the House exception amendment. Along with Terri was a young lady who shared her testimony to the senators. She explained that she was a “product of rape,” and that she was so grateful that her mother did not abort her.
“It was a powerful testimony to the governing officials,” said Mason. “This woman’s life is an example that clearly shows the value of each unborn child — a child that should never be killed for his father’s crimes.”
Terri Harring has been working to stop child killing since 1984 when she answered the pleas for “young women of child bearing years” to lobby on their behalf. Terri is largely responsible for most of the current legislation against abortion in Mississippi.
She said in response to the changes to SB 2922, “Realistically, it is going to be difficult to remove rape and incest from this bill.” She went on to say, “Pro-lifers in Mississippi will continue supporting exceptions for the life of the mother only.”
Terri is hoping to persuade the Mississippi Senate to take the procedural steps necessary to amend the bill back to one that can be heartily supported by the pro-life community.

While in Jackson, Mason had the opportunity to visit the last abortion clinic in the state and check in on the effort to close them down.
“The presence of this abortion clinic places the community in turmoil,” noted Keith.
Since Operation Rescue last visited Jackson in December, new evidence of that turmoil can be seen in the area around the abortion mill. The restaurant across the street from the Jackson Women’s Health Organization has installed “sheets of shame”. These drop-down sheets are designed to hide patrons from the reality of the activities across the street at the clinic. These sheets were installed after the Truth Truck’s last visit.
“This reminds me of the ‘see-no-evil’ monkey,” said Mason. “Covering the windows does not solve the problem of child-killing, but is an indicator of the lengths some people will go to coexist with it.”
“Our prayer for Mississippi is for the Senate to pass a law that would honor God and protect ALL women and ALL children,” said Mason.
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