By Cheryl Sullenger

If Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have their way, taxpayers will foot the bill for most of the 1.2 million abortions that take place in this country every year. Here is a look at what the taxpayers will get for their money.
The Obama/Pelosi abortion would require you to support an industry that has a pattern of failure to obey state and local laws, purposely conceals critical information from patients, and operates below the safety standards required for the rest of the medical industry.
“If the laws already on the books were properly enforced, every abortion clinic in the country would be forced to close,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “That’s not because the laws are so strict that compliance is unattainable. It is because abortionists have an arrogant sense that any law regulating or restricting the sacrosanct act of abortion is just an anti-abortion plot against them, therefore they are under no obligation to obey. They truly think and act as if they are above the law.”
A case in point minor drama playing out at the last abortion clinic in South Dakota. At issue is an informed consent law that requires abortion staff to read a script to women seeking abortions that includes information including the following statement, “The abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being.”
The Heath Department discovered at an inspection in May that Planned Parenthood was in non-compliance with the law by refusing to read the required statements, not giving out the correct web site for the Department of Health, and disregarding the requirement that the information be given 24 hours in advance of the abortion.
The clinic now faces the possibility that their license could be revoked. The clinic has sued to overturn the law, because they want to keep critical information from women who may chose not to abort if they discover the truth.
Similar battles are taking place all over the country because cash-strapped abortionists who are facing a falling demand for their “product” refuse to disclose information that could drive away prospective profits.

Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, is Obama’s chief advocate of tax-funded abortion. But while Sebelius was governor of Kansas, she three times vetoed common sense health and safety rules for abortion clinics.
Conditions so appalling were discovered at a Kansas City, Kansas, abortion clinic that it prompted a police detective to come forward and testify before the legislature about what he saw. His shocking testimony was ignored by Sebelius.
Operation Rescue bought one of Sebelius’ protected abortion clinics in 2006 and discovered such filthy and unhealthful conditions that the building had to be completely gutted and sandblasted before it could be used as the group’s national headquarters.
Other abortionists just plain flout the laws. Bertha Bugarin is serving nearly seven years in a California state women’s prison for doing abortions without license. It was irrelevant to her that the laws required that only physicians perform surgeries. Her cohort, abortionist Laurence Reich, was convicted – not once but twice –for sexually molesting his abortion patients over a period of two decades.
When Bruce Steir was convicted of manslaughter and incarcerated in California for causing the death of Sharon Hamptlon during a botched abortion, he attributed his legal problems to an “anti-abortion plot” against him.
Krishna Rajanna thought it was unfair that the Kansas Board of Healing Arts ordered him to clean up his filthy abortion clinic, which included blood-stained carpeting in the abortion rooms, pest infestations, and inadequate sterilization of equipment in a decrepit home dishwasher located next to an open toilet. It closed instead.
These incidents and others too numerous to list, give us a glimpse of what taxpayers will get for their money under a Sebelius-administered health care plan – and it’s not a pretty sight.
We need only to look to Canada to see how tax funded abortions are working for them. The parliament there had the gall to propose a bill that would require private clinics to have ventilated operating rooms and surgical clothing for all staff. Just Tuesday, Minister of Health Yves Bolduc exempted abortion clinics from having to comply because some threatened to stop doing abortions if the law passed. Bolduc has insured that women seeking abortions in Canada will have to do so at clinics that need not meet even the most minimal health requirements. He even apologized to the abortionists, telling them that he never meant to restrict access to abortion.
Of course not. And if tax-funded abortions become a reality in the U.S. you can bet that the philosophy of abortion on demand — no matter what — will rule the day.
Recent statements have been made by Obama indicating that the inclusion of tax-funded abortions in our proposed national health care system is a fabrication that is untrue. Such blatant misinformation is meant to squelch the firestorm of criticism from those who have compunctions about paying for killing babies through abortion. Such attempts at manipulation are frankly insulting. We are expected to simply forget his own words on the issue.

On July 17, 2007, Obama addressed a group of Planned Parenthood staff and supporters. Planned Parenthood is the largest purveyor of abortion in the world.
He said, “In my mind, reproductive care is essential care. It is basic care. And so it is at the center and at the heart of the [health care reform] plan that I am proposing.” He further stated, “We’re going to set up a public plan that all persons and all women can access if they don’t have health insurance. It’ll be a plan that will provide all essential services, including reproductive services.”
“Reproductive services” means only one thing to these people, and that is abortion.
“Taxpayer funding of abortions would put the pro-life movement back twenty years,” said Newman. “Americans are becoming more and more pro-life. Demand for abortion has been down and abortion clinics have been closing at an astonishing rate. Laws are just beginning to be enforced, and shoddy abortionists are losing their licenses and facing criminal prosecutions at an increasing pace. The abortion industry is imploding. But with Obama’s plan for a taxpayer bailout, all that could change.”
As the administration’s rhetoric ratchets up, we can expect them to downplay taxpayer funding of abortion even as they work to insure that it remains in the health care package. Now is the time to speak out like never before in opposition to health care reform, or face a future where we are forced to fund back-ally conditions in abortion clinics that will only continue to operate as if they are above the law.
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