New video and photographs, along with “must-read” online documents has just been released from the outreach to Nebraska to expose Carhart’s shady abortion business and train local activists.
Below is a clip showing Operation Rescue President Troy Newman attempting to give away sonogram photos of a baby saved from abortion just minutes before. (The mom signed a written release asking that the images of her baby be given to the protesters.)

Watch a short testimony by the sidewalk counselor who helped save a baby from abortion at Carhart’s mill on Saturday, August 29, 2009. Includes the actual sonogram picture of the saved baby! WATCH NOW
Watch short clips of scenes from outside Carhart’s abortion mill on August 28, 2009. Keep in mind that we only expected about 20 people, and did very little promotion of this outreach in the Omaha area. WATCH NOW

Check out the latest photos from the Nebraska outreach with captions telling you more about the event. The thumbnails often crop the photos, so click the thumbnails to see the full photo or to view them is a slide show.
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Read the story that broke the news that four former employees of LeRoy Carhart’s abortion business came forward to blow the whistle on their former boss with allegations of illegal activity and unsafe conditions.
Go to “Ex-employees aid abortion foes” Omaha World-Herald, Aug. 28, 2009
Read Operation Rescue’s press release concerning the abortion clinic whistleblowers.
Go to “Whistleblowers come forward with accusations of illegal, unsafe conditions”
See the list that one news report called “stunning” of accusations made by clinic workers with criminal statutes that would apply to those acts. This list was distributed to the media at a press conference held in Omaha on August 28, 2009.
Go to “Offenses and Statutes” document

One former abortion worker indicated that she believed that Carhart was falsifying fetal ages to avoid complying with Nebraska’s restrictions on post-viability abortions. Operation Rescue conducted an undercover investigation at Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, where Carhart once worked, and produced a report that detailed a similar fetal age scam there.
Go to “Fetal Age Deception Report” including updated information about the Carhart connection.
Read the full report from Operation Rescue detailing exciting news from the weekend’s events.
Go to “Successful Event Exposes Illegal Activity at Cahart’s Abortion Mill, Saves A Life”
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