UPDATE: Read the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division decision dated September 7, 2018.
By Cheryl Sullenger
Trenton, NJ – A New Jersey Appeals Court has slapped down an attempt by the notorious abortionist Steven Chase Brigham to resume the practice of medicine. Brigham has been called the “worst abortionist in America” that is not currently serving a prison sentence.
“The fact that Brigham cannot get his medical license back should be a relief to the women who are preyed upon by his deceptive and incompetent abortion business,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “However, we know he is still involved with his abortion facilities, and that should be of concern to everyone who cares about the welfare of women and their babies.”
Citing “gross negligence” in the late-term abortions of 250 women, the three-member court upheld the 2014 order that revoked Brigham’s medical license.
At issue was Brigham’s bi-state abortion scheme that was considered highly dangerous and likely illegal.
Brigham would begin the late-term abortions in New Jersey, allegedly with a lethal injection into the baby, and then would induce labor with Misoprostol, a drug that causes strong and unpredictable uterine contractions. The laboring women would then caravan to an unlicensed “secret” late-term abortion facility in Elkton, Maryland, where the abortions would be completed.
Brigham was never licensed to practice in Maryland and the court found it was clear that Brigham practiced medicine without a license in that state.
Brigham has argued unsuccessfully that Maryland law allowed him to practice “in consultation” with a licensed physician. However, the physician he hired as medical director for the Elkton facility, George Shepard, Jr., was 89-years old at the time of his own medical license revocation in 2011 as a result of his “work” for Brigham in Elkton. Shepard had a paralyzed arm, making it impossible for him to conduct surgical abortions. He was also mentally compromised, apparently due to advanced age. Shepard passed away five years later in 2016 at the age of 94. [Read transcript of an interview of Shepard conducted by the Maryland Board of Physicians.]
The Courier Post reported that the court found that Brigham’s lack of licensure endangered women.

The ruling also said evidence supported the view that “Brigham’s patients were exposed to harm by his lack of hospital or (licensed ambulatory care facility) privileges to deal with unforeseen complications.”

Even without a valid medical license in any state, Brigham continues to operate his chain of abortion facilities in New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida. His Maryland abortion facilities remain unlicensed.
In New Jersey, only licensed physicians may own/operate medical facilities. Brigham transferred ownership his abortion business to his New Jersey Medical Director Vikram Kaji in 2014, a transfer that Operation Rescue called a “sham.” The New Jersey Attorney General’s office agreed and tried to force Brigham out of the abortion business, but he evaded New Jersey law with the dubious claim that he controlled only the business/administrative side of the business and did have any control of the medical side.
“Based on what we have learned about Brigham from the record over the years, he is such a deceptive and dishonest person that it is unbelievable that he is allowed to have anything to do with any business related to abortion or the field of medicine,” said Newman. “We are glad he cannot get his medical license back, but regulators in each state where he operates really need to focus on shutting down his dangerous abortion facilities for good.”
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