By Anne Reed

18-Year-Old Woman Suffers Multiple Seizures and Agonal Breathing Following Abortion

On Friday, March 3, participants in a 40 Days for Life prayer campaign observed a woman being wheeled out on a gurney and loaded onto an ambulance at Hillcrest Clinic of Baltimore. The facility is located in Catonsville, a suburb of Baltimore.

When Operation Rescue requested the publicly available 911 records from Baltimore County, roadblock after roadblock appeared. After considerable effort, the county finally released the computer-aided dispatch transcript, along with an audio file scrambled so badly that only a few words were perceivable.

The computer-aided dispatch transcript provides enough details to confirm that the 18-year-old female wheeled out on a gurney that day was suffering from a severe, life-threatening complication. 

Though very little could be ascertained from the audio recording, the caller was understood to say the young woman had woken up following an abortion and then had multiple seizures. The employee who called 911 apparently did not know if the woman was conscious.

The transcript revealed that the woman was experiencing “agonal/ineffective breathing, convulsions/seizures.” No history of epilepsy, brain tumors, or stroke were reported. Other remarks made concerning the patient’s medical history and condition were redacted. 

“Agonal breathing” is a near-death condition caused by lack of oxygen to the brain. It is not true breathing but a reflex. The unconscious patient gasps for air, moans, and appears to be in pain. It is typically related to ischemic shock (a blockage in an artery that supplies blood to the brain) or cardiac arrest. 

It was specifically noted on the CAD that the abortion clinic’s anesthesiologist was in the room when the 18-year-old patient’s oxygen dropped to a dangerous level. 

This facility has miserably failed relicensing surveys numerous times and even continued to  operate without a facility license for a period of time. Among the shocking number of  reckless failures were multiple deficiencies cited specifically for anesthesia related issues – which is possibly what caused this critical event. 

Hillcrest was cited in the past for issues related to conscious sedation and failing to ensure nurses had anesthetist certification. It was also noted that anesthesiology agreements were completely absent.  

The reason for the irredeemably poor quality of the audio recording is unknown. However, information concerning life-threatening abortion injuries has been withheld from Operation Rescue in the Baltimore area multiple times.  

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“This very young woman, with her whole life ahead of her, was obviously fighting to survive after this negligent abortion mill killed her baby,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Our hearts go out to her and her loved ones. If she survived at all, she is likely suffering from severe brain damage.

“We became aware of this emergency because of a special, 40-day prayer vigil on the sidewalk of the facility. There is no telling how many more unsuspecting women are seriously injured or killed at Hillcrest of Baltimore.”

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