By Anne Reed

Baltimore, MD – On May 20, 2022, shortly after noon, an ambulance arrived at Baltimore Health Center – Planned Parenthood. A sidewalk counselor captured video of the emergency medical personnel’s arrival, as well as a patient being loaded into the emergency vehicle on a gurney.

But when Operation Rescue requested the 911 recording of the obvious medical emergency, a recording was provided of an altogether different incident – a woman who had coffee spilled inside her bag of belongings by the facility’s escort.

Operation Rescue later obtained a radio dispatch recording for the timeframe surrounding the sidewalk counselor’s documentation, and we were able to glean more information about the medical emergency. The dispatcher described it as a “hemorrhage case” involving a 32-year-old female.

This isn’t the first time we have witnessed attempted cover-ups of medical emergencies at this Planned Parenthood abortion business. It is an ongoing pattern.

The computer aided dispatch report noted the 911 call was made at 12 noon, and emergency personnel were dispatched at 12:04 p.m.  – consistent with the radio dispatch recording referencing the “hemorrhage case” – and she was transported about an hour later. See CAD.

This facility has experienced reckless deficiencies in its practice, as cited during a routine re-licensing survey in 2018 by the Department of Health. Violations included expired drugs and other supplies, a used syringe accessible for reuse, and multiple reuses of a single-dose vial of a drug used in cervical blocks.

Hemorrhaging is the most common abortion complication necessitating emergency transport to a hospital. It is usually related to an incomplete abortion, lacerations, perforation of the uterus and possibly other internal organs. It is life-threatening and not the kind of information an abortion business that boasts on its entrance, “Healthcare happens here” wants available to the public.

“This Planned Parenthood has proven on multiple occasions, in multiple ways, that it does not provide safe care for women” said Operation Rescue President, Troy Newman. “It is no surprise that every effort is made to keep these life-threatening emergencies under the radar as it grasps to display a positive image to vulnerable women looking for a safe and trustworthy rescue out of what often feels like a hopeless dilemma.  In the end, Planned Parenthood collects considerable sums of money to kill growing babies, wound moms emotionally, and put them at risk of long-term injuries as well as dangerous immediate complications.”