April is Sexual Abuse Awareness Month (SAAM) — a hard topic and one that abortion supporters all but ignore when it comes to the abortion industry.

We know child molesters, pimps, and human traffickers all benefit from the deafening silence of abortion staff refusing to report obvious abusive situations playing out in their lobbies. However, these are not the only abusers hanging around abortion clinics. Countless women have experienced horrific sexual abuse at the hands of abortion doctors.

In today’s Monday Lineup, we expose sexual predators from the Northeast — all of them found inside the abortion clinic, with a state license that gives them access to the very women they have shamelessly abused.

Meet Akiva Abraham, accused of showing up at his patient’s home to rape her in the middle of a chemical abortion…

According to a list of charges from the New York Department of Health, Akiva Abraham administered Methotrexate to a 25-year-old patient to begin a chemical abortion in March 2002.

Five days later he administered a secondary drug to continue the abortion. That same day, Abraham arrived at the young woman’s home to supposedly deliver pain medication — a medication he never documented. After she took the pain medicine, he “initiated sexual contact.”

Abraham engaged in sex with this patient several more times over the next five months, something he lied about in a later interview with the State Department. It was not until two years later, and amid many other infractions, that this abuse came to light.

In the same list of charges, Abraham also induced a woman into early labor to accommodate his vacation plans. He also lied on his own website about being a member of the American Medical Association as well as a member of the American Association of Gynecological Laparoscopists.

committee with the State Department in 2004 found Abraham to have a personality disorder “with narcissistic and anti-social features.” At that time, he had been licensed since 1997, giving this disturbed individual access to countless women for seven years.

Meet Timothy Liveright, known for slapping thighs and ogling women in the lobby with a creepy smile…

Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich, a former nurse at a Delaware Planned Parenthood, tried to report the disturbing behavior of Timothy Liveright several times, both to Planned Parenthood administration and the state. It took submitting her story to a local news station to expose Liveright’s bizarre actions.

In her original letter to Planned Parenthood, Jayne described an incident where Liveright slapped a patient on her thigh and yelled, “Breathe!” He then proceeded to lean around the curtain and play peek-a-boo with the confused and concerned patient.

She also wrote, “I have noted Dr. Liveright inappropriately look up and down patients as well as staff members in a sexual kind of way. He actually stands back with a grin and slowly directs his eyes up and down a patient’s body.”

She said Planned Parenthood told her Liveright had been disciplined for sexual harassment before, though they took no action on her more recent complaint. 

Thanks to Jayne’s determination, Liveright was eventually forced to surrender his license in Delaware. However, this predator is still currently licensed in Pennsylvania.

Meet Daniel Holschauer, the doctor who lured a patient to dinner, drugged and raped her…

In 1991, after an abortion follow-up appointment, Daniel Holschauerasked his patient out to dinner. Successfully luring her to dinner, he gave her a pill to “help her relax.” After the girl took the pill and drank multiple alcoholic beverages, Holschauer took her back to her apartment and had unprotected sex with her.

Four years later, Holschauer targeted another patient. One week after performing an abortion on this woman, Holschauer showed up at her job to ask her out. Shortly after, he had unprotected sex with her as well.

His previous behavior completely unchecked, in 1996 a woman came in just one day after a cervical biopsy. Holschauer removed the gauze from her vaginal cavity and said, “You know I’d really like to be in there.”

He then proceeded to pull down his pants and to show he had an erection while saying, “I just did you a favor now you could do me a favor” and that he would “only put it in a little while and it wouldn’t hurt.”

He asked the woman to perform oral sex on him, masturbate him with her hand, and also grabbed her on the breast and kissed her on the mouth. By the end of the assault, Holschauer gave the woman his beeper number and said, “We could take care of this at another time.”

It took until 2001 — ten years from the first assault — for the truth to come out. Even then, Holschauer did no jail time, and only served two months of a one year medical suspension. He remained licensed until 2004.

Meet Lawrence Finer, the Guttmacher VP who got fired for grooming young women…

Dr. Lawrence Finer was not a medical doctor, but the Vice President of the Guttmacher Institute and a well-known abortion researcher.

In 2018, Guttmacher announced the dismissal of Finer after an internal investigation confirmed he had “engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior.”

After Guttmacher’s announcement, Rewire.News published an articlewith accusations from numerous women familiar with Finer’s behavior. 

According to the article, “Two of the women described being ‘groomed’ by Finer for sexual relationships, and referred to his behavior generally as inappropriate and ‘creepy.'”

Others said Finer preyed on younger women, especially, “focusing attention on younger women just starting out in their careers: flattering, pursuing, and eventually seeking intimate relationships with them.”

Meet Vikram Kaji, found sexually abusing patients in 1995 but didn’t get his license revoked for 23 more years…

In 1995, Vikram Kaji was convicted by the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners for having improper sexual contact with three patients. 

One patient accused him of an “improper rectal examination,” and another of an “improper breast examination.”

In addition, Kaji reportedly had unprotected sex with one young girl at his office during business hours and later plied her with drugs. He knew his victim was vulnerable to his advances because she suffered from depression and had been a victim of sexual abuse in childhood. Kaji testified to “no emotional involvement” with the girl and also admitted that the incident was planned, meaning he invited her to his office with the sole intent of having sex with her. 

Despite this atrocious behavior, his license was not revoked at that time. The Board of Medical Examiners placed Kaji on a one year suspension, fined him $5,000, and ordered him to undergo psychological counseling.

It was not until 2018, when Kaji was 82-years-old and still performing abortions, that questions of his competency and his illegal connection to another nefarious abortionist, Steven Brigham, resulted in this predator’s license finally being revoked.