By Cheryl Sullenger
Jackson, MS – Operation Rescue has received notification from the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure that it has launched a preliminary investigation into abortionist Bruce Elliot Norman who works at the last abortion facility that state.
The investigation is based on a complaint filed by Operation Rescue after a woman gave birth to a full term baby delivered by Norman at the Jackson Women’s Health Organization (JWHO) abortion business on May 30, 2018.
Conflicting reports were given to the news media regarding the incident by Shannon Brewer, Director of the Jackson Women’s Health Organization. She first said that the woman had reported to the abortion facility with the intention of getting an abortion but began to give birth during her initial consulting visit.
Brewer later changed her story to deny that the woman was at JWHO for an abortion. Instead, Brewer told reporters that the woman came in for an ultrasound to find out how far along she was after learning she was pregnant at a local hospital. Earlier new reports were edited to reflect her second story.
“We were suspicious of Brewer’s contradictory accounts of what happened the day the baby was born at the Jackson Women’s Health Center. Given Norman’s documented negligence and repeated use of deception, we thought it was prudent to seek an investigation, and let the Board of Medicine determine if Norman committed any standard of care violations,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
The baby was successfully delivered and were transported to the hospital where it was reported that they were both healthy and doing well.
JWCO’s indicates on its website that it conducts abortions through 16 weeks of pregnancy.
JWCO is owned by Diane Derzis, who an Alabama legislator once dubbed the “Abortion Queen.” She has long employed Norman to conduct abortions first at her now-closed facility in Birmingham, Alabama, and now at the JWCO in Jackson, Mississippi.
Operation Rescue worked with a coalition of pro-life groups led by the Birmingham-based CEC for Life to successfully shut down the Derzis/Norman Alabama abortion business, New Woman All Women (NWAW).
Both Derzis and Norman were essentially run out of that state after the CEC for Life and Operation Rescue, complained about a 2012 incident where two overdosed abortion patients at the Birmingham facility were hospitalized on the same day. Operation Rescue later learned that Derzis had withheld critical information about the patients’ conditions from the 911 dispatcher.
That complaint resulted in an inspection that yielded a massive 76-page deficiency report that eventually led to the closure of the abortion business by the Alabama Department of Public Health.
Norman was later caught by the pro-life groups operating Derzis’ Birmingham abortion facility illegally, after the state has ordered it to stop conducting abortions. This resulted in a 2013 disciplinary complaint against Norman. His Alabama medical license has been listed as “inactive” since.
By January 2016, Derzis and Norman finally gave up trying to keep the NWAW open. The building was sold and was torn down.
“This same pair that repeatedly hurt women and disregarded the law in Alabama is now up to the same tricks in Mississippi,” said Newman. “Given their proven pattern of deception and defiance of legal orders, we hope Mississippi won’t stand for their antics and will conduct a thorough investigation that will shut them down for good.”
Read the letter from the MS State Board of Medical Licensure