By Cheryl Sullenger
NicolaMooreBoston, MA – She calls herself a “fly-in abortionista.” Based in Massachusetts, this traveling abortionist has spent stints working at the last abortion clinic in Jackson, Mississippi, and for Planned Parenthood in various Midwestern states, wearing a mask in the likeness of one of the Three Stooges to conceal her identity.
Currently, Nicola Moore is one of several abortionists who fly in to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to abort babies at the Planned Parenthood facility there. Kept open only by out-of-state abortionists, the Sioux Falls Planned Parenthood is the sole abortion facility in that state.
But now, in addition to her job as an itinerant “abortionista,” Moore has landed a job with the prestigious Clinton Health Access Initiative, according to documents obtained by Operation Rescue.
The Clinton Health Access Initiative was founded by President Bill Clinton in 2002, for the purpose of combating HIV/AIDS on a global scale. Since then, it has expanded to include other health-related issues.
In 2012, the Clinton Health Access Initiative began a partnership with Planned Parenthood to help distribute birth control and address “young people’s access to sexual and reproductive health care,” especially in Africa and Latin America.
Of course, in liberal-speak, “reproductive health care” means abortion.
Now, with the hiring of Moore to serve as “Women’s Health Clinical Advisor” for the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Planned Parenthood has embedded one of its abortionists directly into the Clinton organization.
“It really comes as no surprise that the Clinton Health Access Initiative would seek out Planned Parenthood and one of their abortionists to spread their abortion gospel throughout the world,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Frankly, with the ever-shrinking market for abortion in the U.S., Planned Parenthood’s survival as an organization may depend on expansion overseas where they have new populations of vulnerable women to exploit.”
However, this news is even more disturbing given that former President Clinton’s wife, Hillary, is preparing for her own run for the White House. Hillary Clinton has expressed ardent pro-abortion support.
“We think of President Obama as the most extreme abortion president in history, but a Hillary Clinton administration would far exceed that. The Clinton’s cozy partnership with Planned Parenthood should be clarion call to pro-life supporters to strongly stand against any attempt to put Hillary in the White House where she would surely work to roll back the pro-life advances of the past few years.”
Last month, Operation Rescue released the results of a survey that showed 73 abortion facilities shut down in 2014 for all or part of the year – 60 of them permanently. In 2013, a similar survey showed that 93 abortion facilities closed that year. In all, since 1991, the trend of closing abortion facilities and reduced abortion numbers has seen 75% of abortion facilities closed.