Operation Rescue Unmasks the “Fly-In Abortionista”

“On a plane bound for the Midwest from an East Coast city, a lanky 55-year-old woman sits in the 12th row window seat, knitting a sweater. Her waist-length, wavy white-blonde hair is held up in a bun behind her head by a pair of silver knitting needles, while another set clacks away at a gray top. Knitting is her way of keeping busy on this and the many other flights she must take for her unusual, and these days much in-demand job as a traveling abortion doctor, or as she puts it, a ‘fly-in abortionista.’”

So begins a story published on October 5 in the Santa Fe Reporter describing a “circuit-riding” abortionist who travels to the Midwest to ply her grisly trade. She wears a creepy Stooge mask to hide her identity and dives under blankets in the back seat of vehicles to keep pro-life activists from photographing her.

The article calls her “Clara Taylor” but we know her by her true name, Nicola Louise Moore.

Moore works as an independent contractor for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, doing surgical and medical abortions at their recently opened abortion clinic in Omaha, Nebraska, and at the main office on Army Post Road in Des Moines, Iowa, as well as PPH’s three other Iowa abortion clinics in Iowa City, Bettendorf, and Sioux City.

In addition to Iowa and Nebraska, Moore is licensed in Massachusetts, New York, and California, where her license is delinquent.

Moore was born in London, England and educated in America. She attended Yale University where she earned Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. She graduated with her doctorate from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1999, and served her residency at the University of Rochester, in New York.

The focus of her practice has always been on abortion. In fact, she turned down a job at an Indian Reservation in New Mexico because Federal policy did not allow her to do abortions there.

In the article, Moore confesses that she has never married – her busy schedule wouldn’t permit it. And she confesses something else — that at 18 she had an abortion while a student at Yale University in 1974.

Freedom from relationships made it easy for Moore to travel abroad providing abortions in third-world African and South American countries. But in 2004, it was her relationship with her aging mother, who she strongly resembles, that brought her home. Moore continues to stay with her mother, Sally Falk Moore, Professor of Anthropology, Emerita at Harvard University, at her home in Cambridge, Massachsetts.

From there, Moore flies around the nation doing abortions where few others will. But there is a catch. She’s happy to do abortions anywhere, as long as no one knows who she is. She worked in Mississippi briefly last year, until pro-life activists discovered her identity in spite of the mask and other efforts to disguise herself. Then she quit.

“Abortionists don’t deserve anonymity,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It keeps them from being held accountable for their actions. In some states, patients aren’t even told the full names of their abortionists and when things go wrong, women don’t even know who to file a complaint against.”

Identifying abortionists has helped Operation Rescue and other pro-life groups to warn women of abortionists with histories of abortion abuses.

“People who are proud of their work are willing to put their names on it. People who are ashamed or are trying to get away with something, like bank robbers and abortionists, wear masks,” said Newman. “It’s time to unmask Nicola Moore and allow Christians to pray for her — as a post-abortive woman and as an abortionist — to seek repentance, salvation, and healing through the Great Physician, Jesus Christ.”

Note: All information contained in this article was obtained through public sources.

Read the full article from the Santa Fe Reporter
(In this article, the author indicates that New Mexico has no fly-in abortionists. That information is incorrect. Abortionists Shelley Sella and Susan Robinson, employees of Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico, fly in from their homes in California to do late-term abortions.)

  • EM

    Love the article & support your pro-life cause.

    However, many of your emails & blogs inaccurately state that women are ‘forced’ by husbands & boyfriends to have an abortion. I’m curious what statistics you draw this conclusion from? This inaccurate statement feeds directly into NOW’s & other anti-male entities desire to restrict men’s/father’s rights.

    In fact, you contradict yourself in other commentaries stating (more accurately) that men are often left out of the decision-making process & often are not informed their significant other is pregnant/had abortion. Men have no rights when it comes to this issue.

    Accuracy & consistency will have a more powerful effect than hyperbole & vitriol in our struggle against these anti-family tyrants & demagogues. Thanks.

  • Isabel

    Let’s pray for the conversion of all abortionists, for the immediate defunding and extinction of Planned Parenthood, for the closing down of all abortion clinics and for a new pro-life President in 2012.

  • Cathi Wahnsiedler

    Knitting needles?

    This is one of the sorriest stories I’ve ever read. A woman of great promise–derailed as a teen by abortion. As I read her bio, I thought, “she must have had an abortion to be so obsessed with it,” and there it was.

    We must always remember that these people have a history of horror from which they’ve come, and need to spiritually heal.

    God Bless OR for your dogged work.

  • 45 percent of men interviewed at abortion clinics recalled urging abortion, including 37 percent of married men.

    Stats on forced/coerced abortions:
    -45 percent of men interviewed at abortion clinics recalled urging abortion, including 37 percent of married men.

    -Why Women Have Abortions:It’s Not What You Think…64% Report Being Pressured to Have an Abortion.
    In a report featured in the Medical Science Monitor, 64% of American women reported that they felt pressured by others to have an abortion.
    Significant Number of Women Report Being Coerced to Have an Abortion
    Two New York men have been jailed for killing their pregnant girlfriends who refused to have an abortion.

    – “In a recent story from Ohio, a man held his girlfriend at gunpoint and made her drive to an abortion mill to kill her baby. The woman was able to slip a note to the receptionist saying that she was being forced and she did not want to have an abortion. The police were called and the woman’s boyfriend was arrested. The sad fact is that many women all over the country do not get the chance to call for help like the woman in Cincinnati.”

    -64% INVOLVE COERCION, WHICH CAN BECOME SEVERE Women pay a high price for a choice that’s not a choice. • When his wife refused to abort, her husband jumped on her stomach until their baby died.

  • Pat


    The Elliott Institute reports that 64% of women who had an abortion said they were coerced. That still leaves plenty who have abortions behind the backs of the father. And it means an an awful lot of women DID get coerced. Remember, we’re talking about tens of millions of abortions in the US alone. So OR is NOT wrong about this.

  • Sarah

    Hi EM, 64% of abortions are coerced. Not necessarily by men. Every single one of my friends who aborted was coerced. A few by boyfriends/fiances, many by parents. Okay, one acquaintance of mine was not coerced yet she still suffers terribly from her poorly thought out “choice” to destroy two of her children by abortion.

    What a ghoul this doctor is. She lost her own child so now she travels around making sure other women don’t get theirs either? Abortion is like a disease. It destroys the souls of all who come in contact with it.

  • Sarah

    Couple thoughts about the article. She says she provides abortions to “save the world”. Huh? She intends to save the world by eliminating people from it? How very…disturbing.

    The article says she knits not for her children… she doesn’t have any. Well, thats not true either. She does have one. Only he/she is dead. So she knits for the newborn baby of another abortion doctor. This whole story is ghoulish! Are we supposed to think she is a cute grandmotherly old lady who knits on a plane because they mention a newborn baby? She would have torn that same baby limb from limb if asked and never batted an eye. There is such a disconnect in people’s minds between “fetus’ and “newborn baby” and I’m not sure why. Its like no one in this country understands reproductions or basic biology.

  • Sarah

    *reproduction* sorry for typos.

  • Mo

    The extinction of Planned Parenthood would eliminate basic preventative health services to many women. Only 3% of PP’s services are abortions, and there are MANY Planned Parenthoods that don’t even perform abortions, they only provide OB GYN wellness exams and STI screenings. But hey, its cool—why not let our girls get cervical caner, herpes, and whole another bunch of diseases, that will ironically, make them unable to even have children, and subsequently choose life.

  • Paul

    There is such a weird connection in people’s minds between “fetus” and “baby” and I’m not sure why–it’s like no one here understands reproduction or basic biology. People think that a lump of tissues is the equivalent to a newborn and that abortion is murder. Who cares about what a mother wants? The life of an unborn child is much more important than any woman’s life!

  • Sarah

    Oh good grief Mo. Ever heard of regular old health clinics? They help poor women too. And they provide mammograms which did you know PP does NOT do? PP makes its money from ABORTIONS. One of my poor friends went there for prenatal care, after all their name is Planned PARENThood, and you know they wouldn’t help her? If she wanted to dismember her baby, they were all for it. But to keep the baby? no help.

  • Operation Rescue


    We think you are the one who needs to brush up on basic biology and on your Latin. “Fetus” is the Latin word for “baby.” And “lump of tissue” is a completely inaccurate description of a pre-born baby at any stage of development. At 18 days after conception, the developing baby has a heartbeat. That’s before most women even know they are pregnant. Try googling fetal development.

  • Sarah

    Paul, as a woman currently pregnant with her second child I question why chauvinists like you continue to think women WANT abortion. Why are chauvinists like you always trying to pit women against their unborn children?

    Well NEWSFLASH for you Paul. Its not a lump of tissue. My son at 5 weeks had a beating heart, a head, a body, arms and legs. Thats FIVE WEEKS Paul. This baby I now carry at a little more than 6 weeks had the same and was twirling and rubbing his/her face. Not a lump of tissue. You sound like an ignoramus. Biology isn’t that complicated especially with this thing called the internet. There is no excuse to be uneducated in this day and age. My son was exactly the SAME human being when I carried him that he was on the day of his birth. SAME PERSON Paul. He is the same person today as a 4 year old that he was at birth. SAME PERSON Paul. Now, I didn’t say he was the same in development. He is far more developed now as a 4 year old then he was when he was a 5 week old embryo or 1 day old newborn but he is the SAME PERSON and will continue to be the SAME PERSON even if he lives to be 100. This isn’t complicated Paul.

  • Joanne

    Mo, The oft quoted 3% figure. Do you even know how Planned Parenthood arrives at that figure? They count every procedure, condom, birth control script, STI screening, etc. separately even if it is all done for the same person. Abortion actually counts for 12% of all their services and 97% of the services performed on pregnant women. Abortion also makes up one-third of Planned Parenthood’s income. Study their annual reports for yourself.

    There are plenty of other health care providers around who do pelvic and breast exams, Pap tests, write scrips, etc. and accept Medicaid patients. Most of the nation’s women don’t go to Planned Parenthood and would not even miss it. Pro-life women get excellent reproductive health care. I certainly would not trust a baby killer with my body and my health.

    The Planned Parenthood facilities that don’t perform abortions refer to the ones that do. They are feeders for the abortion giant.