New Orleans, LA – The Gentilly Medical Clinic for Women in New Orleans, Louisiana, is still taking appointments for abortions and seeing abortion patients even though it has had its operating license revoked by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals this week.
The clinic was charged with violating laws requiring that abortion clinics have a licensed nurse on staff, and that they have proper state and federal licensing for controlled substances.
Abortionist Ifeanyi Charles Anthony Okpalobi (pronounced ok-PAH-luh-bee), a Nigerian national, was warned repeatedly that his clinic was not in compliance with the law. He has 30 days in which to appeal the decision during which time he can remain open for business under Louisiana law. The appellate process could take up to six months.
Operation Rescue investigators have confirmed today that the Gentilly Medical Clinic for Women is open and taking patients.
“It is appalling to think that Okpalobi could continue to endanger women even though his clinic license has been revoked,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Okpalobi was told several times to comply with the law has he did not do it. When abortionists take the attitude, which Okpalobi appears to have taken, that he is above the law, that creates a dangerous situation for women who are not aware that his abortion mill does not meet legal standards put in place for their protection.”
“When one has a driver’s license revoked, that is it. The person cannot drive in the interest of public safety. We should take the safety of women as seriously. We demand that the State of Louisiana act to immediately close the Gentilly Medical Clinic for Women in order to protect women from this scofflaw abortionist,” said Newman.
“We urge anyone with additional information about Okpalobi’s abortion clinic abuses to come forward and participate in the Abortion Whistleblowers program. They may earn a reward of $10,000 for information leading his the arrest and conviction,” said Newman.
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