Pro-Abort Democrats make mockery of the law and freedom of speech at fundraiser tonight
Dear Friends,

I just received an e-mail that made me angry – and rightly so.
The e-mail was from the Nebraska Democratic Party, which is holding a fundraiser tonight for County Commissioner and former Omaha Mayor Mike Boyle. As you may remember, Boyle was ticketed by police last month for blocking the Truth Truck during a pro-life protest at the opening of Barack Obama’s Omaha headquarters.
The e-mail mocked Boyle’s ticket with a phony “Nick Nolte” style “mug shot” and implied he was a hero for breaking the law. Boyle and the Democrats apparently considered the entire incident a big joke. (View a copy of the e-mail.)
The Truth Truck had graphic images of aborted babies directing people to, a website Operation Rescue sponsors that documents Obama’s extreme views on abortion. Boyle took exception to the message and stepped into the street to block the Truth Truck.
The e-mail stated:

Boyle said that when he saw a woman put her hand over a child’s eyes to block sight of the pictures, he decided to block the truck to “tell these bullies ‘that’s enough’.”

Well, so much for free speech. Mike Boyle not only broke the law by creating a traffic hazard that endangered the children present, but he stomped on the Constitutional Rights of those who were trying to expose the truth of Obama’s abortion radicalism.
I say that makes him the bully!
But it didn’t end there.
After Boyle was ticketed for breaking the law, he went on a local radio show and LIED about Operation Rescue and the Truth Truck by saying the Truth Truck protests funerals.
How despicable! It’s hard to believe that this man actually holds public office.

What makes me even more livid is that tonight, the Democrats of Nebraska will be asked to donate $54, the amount of Boyle’s fine, to help re-elect him. This entire incident is something they think is so funny that they need to hold a party to celebrate it, and exploit it for money, some of which will no doubt also go into Obama’s efforts in that state.
The lack of commons sense and respect for the law and the rights of others is appalling.
So today, in protest of Boyle and the Democrats’ arrogance, I am asking you to send $54 – or whatever you can afford – to Operation Rescue to help keep the Truth Trucks on the road until Election Day exposing Obama and his support for the most extreme abortions, including the denying of medical care to infants born alive during failed abortions. (Click here to donate online!)
Your $54 will help us get that message out to as many voters as possible.
Don’t let bullies like Mike Boyle and the Democratic Party win. Please CLICK HERE to make your donation to Operation Rescue today, then visit for documents and video proving that Obama is an enemy of life!
God bless you for your sacrifice on behalf of LIFE!
For the innocent,
Troy Newman
President, Operation Rescue
PS We can’t let bullies like Mike Boyle and the Democrats silence our message or make Obama’s extreme abortion support a joke. The very lives of innocent pre-born babies are at stake, and our message exposing Obama could help make the difference in this election! Please send your donation of $54 – or whatever you can afford – to Operation Rescue today! CLICK HERE to donate.