By Anne Reed

Baton Rouge, LA – The abortion industry lost at the Louisiana Supreme Court today after filing an appeal intending to block the state’s abortion ban for the third time since Roe’s overturn in late June. The court denied the case altogether.

After over a month of chaotic flip-flopping, the end has been reached.  The state’s three trigger laws, described below, remain in effect. Abortions, including mail-order abortions, are illegal in all cases, except when giving birth would threaten the life of the mother. Any person who performs an abortion will be punished by 1-10 years in prison and fines of $10,000-$100,000.

  1. Act 467 passed in 2006 and made abortion illegal in all cases, except when giving birth would threaten the life of the mother. 
  2. The Reaffirmation of the Human Life Protection Act of 2022 gave the 2006 law teeth by making punishment for the person who performs an abortion more serious (1-10 years in prison and fines of $10,000 – 100,000). It also defined the effective date of the law in relation to the overturn of Roe v. Wade.
  3. Senate Bill 388, also signed into law in 2022, prohibits mail-order abortions.

“Another one bites the dust!” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman with an air of finality. “The three abortion clinics that have already been forced to stop killing babies may as well close their doors for good.”

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Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has referred to the post-Roe legal challenges in the state as a “traveling legal circus.” The Hope Medical Group for Women in Shreveport pulled out all the stops utilizing its learned survival skills.

But today, this corrupt legal circus has reached the end of its grand performance. Without its power in the judicial realm, it is a circus without elephants, clowns, or acrobats. The show is over.

The power has returned to the states, and in Louisiana, that means that over 4.6 million people are living in a state free of legal baby killing.

We celebrate this victory with the people of Louisiana and the state legislature that worked so hard to represent its constituents and protect the most innocent Louisianians – human beings growing in the safety of their mothers’ wombs.  

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