In May 2020 – just 9 days apart – two separate women sought late-term abortions at a facility then operating under the name (now known as C.A.R.E.) in Bethesda, Maryland, under the ownership and operation of Nebraska abortionist LeRoy Carhart. Both encounters were calamitous and resulted in the filing of major Federal Medical Malpractice cases.

Initial reports and updates on both woman’s medical malpractice complaints will be archived on this page as they are posted.

Read Operation Rescue’s initial report on the two women’s injuries based on a whistleblower account:

Whistleblower: 2 Women Suffered Gruesome Injuries, Retained Baby Parts, Emergency Surgery after Late-Term Abortions in Maryland, posted 6/18/2020.

Haimamot Aragaw v. LeRoy Carhart, Anh-Chi Dang Do, et al, Case Number 8:21-cv-01739-TDC

LeRoy Carhart and  Anh-Chi Dang Do, named defendants in the Aragaw suit.

Ashley P. Norris v. LeRoy Carhart, Elizabeth Swallow, et al, Case Number 8:21-cv-02437-TDC

LeRoy Carhart and Elizabeth Swallow, named defendants in the Norris suit.