Washington, DC – Earlier this week, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius commented on the abortion issue, saying, “While my beliefs teach me that abortion is morally unacceptable, as a public official, I have worked hard to ensure that abortions are rare, safe and within the bounds of the law.”
“Sebelius’ remarks require a serious fact check,” said Operation Rescue Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger. “Her statement is so misleading that it is an embarrassment. Sebelius is trying to hoodwink the American people by grossly misrepresenting the reality of her radical abortion policies.”
Sebelius is considered a front runner for the cabinet position of Secretary of Health and Human Services, where she would have an opportunity to advance her extremist abortion agenda.
Fact Check:

1. “I have worked hard to ensure that abortions are rare…” Yet, in 2008, Sebelius vetoed SB 386 that would have informed women that if they are being coerced in to an abortion, they have the right to refuse. Sebelius’ veto insured that coerced abortions, a huge national problem, continue in Kansas, effectively insuring a higher number of abortions. (View documentation of coerced abortions in Kansas.)
2. “I have worked hard to ensure that abortions are…safe…” This statement is completely without any basis in fact. Sebelius vetoed bills that would have provided safety regulations in spite of evidence of several botched abortions requiring emergency hospitalization, including one abortion death. Operation Rescue bought and closed one of the mills that Sebelius referred to as meeting “the highest standards of medical care in the country.” The building was unsafe, with mold and roach infestations, out of code plumbing and electrical, and filthy conditions. (View documentation.)
3. “I have worked hard to ensure that abortions are… within the bounds of the law.” In April, 2007, Sebelius hosted a party honoring late-term abortionist George Tiller and his entire staff while Tiller was under investigation by the Attorney General and Kansas Board of Healing Arts. Two months later, Tiller was criminally charged. In May of 2007, Sebelius attended a raucous party given by Planned Parenthood on the occasion of her birthday. Five months later, Planned Parenthood was charged with 107 criminal counts, including 23 felonies related to illegal abortions. (Documentation: Tiller Party, PP Party)

“Sebelius’ patently false statements about her abortion record continue to show that she is not fit to serve,” said Sullenger.