Move seen as a precursor to closing his six troubled Detroit area abortion mills.

Detroit, MI — Troubled abortionist Alberto Hodari has put at least two of his abortion clinics up for sale – complete with equipment and furnishings – along with his collection of 13 classic cars in what appears to be an effort to liquidate his assets and leave the abortion business.
According to two sources, Hodari’s actions may be a precursor to his leaving the country to avoid mounting legal problems and diminished reputation.
Last week, sidewalk counselor Jennifer Nelson got word to Operation Rescue that Hodari’s Southgate abortion clinic was up for sale. Nelson said that the original asking price for the commercial medical space was $320,000 but has recently been reduced to $300,000. She added that Hodari has said he will continue to operate the clinics until a buyer can be found – no matter how long it takes.
Judy Climer of Flint Right to Life told Operation Rescue that the “for sale” sign went up on Hodari’s Flint abortion clinic this week. The large, barn-like metal building that houses the Flint abortion clinic also serves as a garage for Hodari’s expensive classic car collection. Climer said that she recently spoke with a man outside the abortion clinic who told her he had “flown in” to take a look at the cars for the implied purpose of buying them.
Complaints filed with the Michigan Department of Community Health are pending and could result in substantial discipline or even license revocation. The complaint relates to the illegal dumping of private medical records discovered and reported by the Citizens for a Pro-Life Society. In February, 2009, Hodari was sentenced to six months probation on one criminal count of illegally disposing of abortion records. Eleven other counts were dismissed.
Hodari, originally from Argentina, made headlines when Citizens for a Pro-life Society discovered the remains of aborted babies along with patient medical records illegally dumped outside some of his six abortion mills. Hodari added to his notoriety when he told a group of students from Wayne State University that abortionists have a “license to lie” and that he does not wash his hands between patients to prevent his skin from chaffing. He also told reporters that even though he knows induction abortions to be dangerous, he still uses the late-term abortion procedure without regard to the welfare of his patients.
To add to his troubles, Climer said that a major lawsuit was filed against Hodari in Flint last June by an attorney with a reputation for only taking cases with the potential for large monetary awards.
Hodari also faces an additional complaint against his medical license for a forced abortion on a 16-year old girl who was the victim of unreported statutory rape. In February, the victim, Jennifer McCoy told Operation Rescue that Hodari tricked her into an unwanted abortion under the pretense of performing a routine obstetrical examination, then returned her to the man who had been sexually abusing her. She recently filed a complaint against Hodari with the Michigan Department of Community Health, which is still pending.
Hodari further raised eyebrows in July when he was fined only $10,000 for his responsibility in the death of Regina Johnson. Hodari has been involved in the deaths of at least three additional women since 2004
“We pray that Hodari quickly finds a buyer for his clinics that will use the property for life-affirming endeavors,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The quicker he is closed down the better.”