Close This Clinic: Abortionist’s Trash Reveals Criminal Violations

Public asked to help close dangerous abortion mill and bring Alberto Hodari to justice

Detroit, MI – Operation Rescue is asking the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to close Womancare of Southfield, the Lathrup Village abortion clinic of Alberto Hodari in light of videotaped evidence that Hodari is violating state and federal laws regarding the disposal of aborted babies and private medical records. The possibility of pursuing criminal charges is being considered.

Dr. Monica Migliorino Miller videotaped the contents of several bags of trash retrieved from the back of Hodari’s clinic. In the bags, the pro-lifers discovered bloody surgical materials, hypodermic needles, private medical records, and the remains of aborted human babies.

(Caution: Graphic images)

Michigan laws require that infections medical waste, including human remains, must be placed in puncture-proof containers and disposed of in special sterile landfills. The Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act(HIPAA) mandates that medical offices must take “appropriate and reasonable steps” to keep health information secure.

Scanned images of actual documents found by Dr. Miller in Hodari’s trash have been posted on columnist Jill Stanek’s web site.

Hodari is a troubled abortionist who has been sued 23 times in the past 20 years and was responsible for the botched second-trimester abortion death of a 15-year old girl in 2004.

Hodari also made recent headlines by stating that he would continue to use a late-term abortion procedure that he considered dangerous, rather than run the risk of being charged with violating the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act. He later shocked listeners at Wayne State University when he told them that he seldom washes his hands between patients to prevent skin chaffing even though he knew that it increased risks to his patients. He also told the same group that he believes abortionists have a “license to lie.”

“Hodari is a dangerous man who is a public menace. Dr. Miller has now documented clear criminal violations by Hodari that show a complete disregard for the law, for the privacy of his patients, and for the health and safety of those around him,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We are asking for the public’s help to call for the closure of Hodari’s nasty and unsafe abortion mill.”

Those with concerns may respectfully contact:

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and ask them to immediately close Womancare of Southfield.

John Gohlke
(517) 241-1320

  • Refresca

    This is horrifying and apalling beyond words. This place must be shut down and Hodari must face criminal charges. What makes it so difficult to convict abusers like this?

  • SoMG

    Improper disposal of human waste, while a serious offence, is not a reason to close down a practice.

    He’ll be fined, at most.

  • Refresca

    Human waste?? Are you kidding me? Bodies of ten dead babies IS NOT HUMAN WASTE. He should at least get 10 counts of abuse of a corpse…

  • Chris

    What an arrogant jerk! He talks about abortion as if someone is going in to have an ingrown toenail removed. The young students in the audience are so misguided. I bet many of them go out an picket against the war and scream and yell about human rights and yet won’t acknowledge abortion is the biggest human rights violation ever. I also went on Jill Stanek’s website. She had a list of all of the senators who voted against the infant born alive act. Barack Obama voted against it. This man could become our president and will vote down a bill to protect the most innocent among us.

  • Alayna Staggers (Nurse)

    This is just s demonstration of how iggnorant the lawmakers are who allow mentally deranged men to continue practicing medicine! He doesn’t wash his hands between patients! Are we in the dark ages! Why did he have used condoms in his garbage? This guy is a pervert. It would be great if we could have the guys who make the show, “To Catch a Predator,” would start a show, “To Catch An Abortionist!!”

  • Alayna Staggers (Nurse)

    Hey Guys~” sorry I spelled ignorant wrong, ha! my fingers get going too fast when I am angry! And I am angry that we view babies as human waste to be disposed of as garbage! And by the way, Obama will not be president. It will be John Mccain.

  • Alayna Staggers (Nurse)

    Abortionists are just legally ordained psychotic criminals who under ordinary circumstances would be thrown in prison for murder. They are mentally ill sadists who have discovered a way to get by with torture and murder and people are sucked into believing these are good doctors helping our society reduce the burden of unwanted babies which results in poverty and child abuse. Propaganda sells the lies that fewer babies means less government spending, (so we can spend it on wars) and less crime among certain segments of society which have only mothers as heads of households which results in gangs and drug use. Certainly there has to be another answer beside killing childen! Maybe our goverment should be looking at families as assets instead of liabilities and provide more programs and education to insulate our children from seeking out alternative means to give them a sence of belonging and satisfaction outside the family unit. If we would concentrate on helping families stay together by giving tax breaks to parents who stay at home to parent, instead of what Bush is doing by giving tax breaks to those who make one million dollars or more, thus making the rich, richer. Cutting programs to help families and promote education is not the answer. Neglecting families is the destruction of our society and when we have kids running around without supervision because mom is at workand dad is gone is what is creating a breakdown in our morals among young people, so if a pregnancy occurs, the first thought is abortion, when the baby was not the source of the original problem. So that is why we have monsters like Alberto Hodari killing and disposing of babies like garbage–because we let him get away with it, along with George Tiller and Martin Haskell……and all of the other scum bags who take advantage of women who are vulnerable and afraid.

  • Sarah

    WHY are there USED CONDOMS in the trash? EWWWWW. what is going on at this clinic?

  • Mike

    Sarah: What is going on at his clinic is this:

    Blatant disregard for life and the laws.
    Blatant lieing to women. He admits it publicly.
    Blatant violation of basic sanitary requirements…which again, he ADMITS publicly.
    Blatant disregard for his patients and their privacy.
    Blatantly laughing at what he gets away with.

    And yet, he remains in business.
    The almighty political correctness of today protects him.

    God help us.

  • Robyn O

    Thankyou Alayna. I agree 100% with your views.

  • catholic74

    I just want to cry!