Carhart Patient Dead From Horrific 33-Week Abortion Injuries

Germantown, MD – A 29-year old woman died yesterday as the result of fatal complications suffered during an abortion at 33 weeks that was done by LeRoy Carhart at Germantown Reproductive Health Center in Germantown, Maryland. Information about the incident comes from an extremely credible anonymous source.

The woman, who came for a third trimester abortion from out-of-state, arrived at GRHC on Sunday and was seen by pro-life activists every day through Wednesday. Witnesses said she appeared “pale and weak.”

Early Thursday morning, the woman began suffering chest pain and other discomforts. Her attempts to reach Carhart were unsuccessful. The woman was taken by her family from her hotel to a nearby hospital emergency room at approximately 5:00 a.m. Efforts by hospital staff to contact Carhart or get informational assistance from the abortion clinic were unsuccessful.

The patient suffered massive internal bleeding into her abdominal cavity. She slipped into a Code Blue condition approximately six times before finally succumbing to her injuries at around 9:30 a.m. The case has been placed with the Medical Examiner for further investigation.

This tragic incident ironically occurred the same day that another medical emergency took place at a New Mexico abortion clinic involving long-time Carhart associate Shelley Sella. At the time of that incident, a politically motivated Medical Board in New Mexico was voting to clear Sella of negligence charges, related to a botched third trimester abortion using the same risky late-term abortion method employed by Carhart. This dangerous out-patient abortion process includes long periods of time where the patient is unmonitored while taking strong doses of a drug that causes unpredictable and sometimes violent contractions.

“The avoidable death of this young woman dramatically illustrates the dangers of third trimester abortions that are done outside of the safety of obstetrical standards,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-life Nation. “In 2005, Carhart was also involved in the death of Christin Gilbert, who died after a third trimester abortion in Wichita, Kansas. It is time for medical boards to put an end to these horrifically dangerous and barbaric third trimester abortions. If they do not, we can only expect Carhart and his associates to send more women to the morgue.”

  • Operation Rescue

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  • JEB

    If this woman hadn’t killed her baby she would be alive today!

    I feel no pity for her and hope this non-doctor is executed for DOUBLE murder.

  • Neomi Schaffer

    This article should describe in detail how a third trimester killing is performed. I wonder how many people know.

  • Operation Rescue

    That’s a great idea. Here is a link to an article that describes the process in detail:

  • Maureen


  • Paul

    You all realize the most radical pro-abortion by any means U.S. president is seated in the White House. He did say he didn’t want his daughter “punished with a baby”. I’m glad the woman died. She won’t be able to kill anymore kids. Start using the DNA argument. A pregnant woman says she has control over “her” body. Fine. Cut off her right arm. Then gouge out her left eye. Do a DNA test on each sample. Same, right? Now do a DNA test on the baby she’s carrying. BAM! It’s a different result, it’s another person! No way you can get around this. Cutting off arms and gouging eyes? Harsh? If a baby at 33 weeks could speak, what would it say?

  • bea booth


  • Wfletch

    The woman was just as much a victim as the baby. Pray for her family and all the women who have been victimized by the liberal agenda. The doctor should go to jail for a double homicide.

  • LMA

    Awful on all accounts however I am always bemused by prolifers that say “glad she died”…prolife is respecting ALL life, not just cute babies. A woman made the choice to have a third trimester abortion knowing the risks. It was her choice. As I said, awful on all accounts.

  • Bob

    Guilty? Yes. No matter what the motive, love of ease, or a desire to save from suffering the unborn innocent, the woman is awfully guilty who commits the deed. It will burden her conscience in life, it will burden her soul in death; But, oh, thrice guilty is he who drove her to the desperation which impelled her to the crime.
    …Susan B. Anthony (1820–1906), The Revolution, 4(1):4, 8 Jul 1869

  • GH

    I knew this young lady. She was a beautiful, talented, heartfelt teacher dedicated to children. Her and her husband were elated to bring a baby in this world. They found out this poor child was going to be born with severe developmental delays, blind, and seizures on a daily basis. Though I cannot say I agree with the decision, she had thought she was deciding something selfless. RIP to the baby and her mother.

  • Angel

    I hope the woman prayed for forgiveness before she died, she murdered her baby, and in turn ended up dying too, it’s really hard to feel sorry for someone to does this, had she waited a week or two she could have just put the baby up for adoption and went on her way…

    here is how late abortions are performed: Forceps are introduced into the uterus to grasp the baby’s legs. The baby is delivered breech while the head remains inside the birth canal. Using blunt-tipped surgical scissors, the base of the skull is pierced and a suction catheter is inserted to extract the brain.

    The Dr should be in jail for double murder….

  • Michelle

    These women should get themselves fixed if they want to screw around, there would not be a need for her to have an abortion because there wouldn’t be a baby in the first place! I have no sympathy for women who kill their unborn babies–don’t get pregnant in the first place!!

  • I feel for these poor ignorant women who in their desperation for whatever reason go and do the unthinkable on their bodies! A body is a delicate instrument God gave her to do what is natural -when married. She’d been better off if had had baby born, and put it up for adoption! but, these ignorant women listen to voice of loud vociferous `prochoice’ witches… and lose out on a better way, and better health for themselves. may God have mercy on her, and may the `doctors’ who don’t care about good health for women -go to H___!! -because all they want is money $$$$$ and fame. yea, fame in H___. Won’t get to see God’s face, but Satans! nt

  • KR

    None of you know the facts behind this young woman’s difficult decision. You are ASSUMING she didn’t want this child. You are ASSUMING there weren’t extraordinary circumstances involved. I feel lucky to have known her. She was a beautiful person inside and out who whole heartidly believed she was doing what was right given her circumstances (which are none of your business). You have no right to judge her or make this difficult time for her family worse than it already is. For those of you who say she deserved to die – you should be ashamed. Mind your own business. God bless her and her family.

  • FL Mom

    This part puzzles me: “was seen by pro-life activists every day through Wednesday. Witnesses said she appeared “pale and weak.”
    The activists saw her in this condition, but they didn’t do anything to get her to go to the hospital? They just let her keep going back to the death clinic for three days? What good is it to call themselves ‘Operation Rescue’ if they don’t rescue an obviously ailing woman? If they did try to convince her to get real help, they need to include it in this article. Something like, “Activists tried multiple times to tell woman to go to emergency room, but she refused.” The way it’s written now imagines them standing there like lumps while she suffered.

  • D. Lopez

    I am so upset at all the hate speech going on here. What occurred is indeed horrific, but the hatred is just as horrific. Didn’t Christ say that hating is the same as murder?
    No wonder people hate us pro-lifers. We are hateful and intolerant. Yep. (Of course, I am hoping that this thread has been infiltrated by the pro-choice group trying to pass themselves off as what they perceive pro-lifers are like. I can hope, right?)

  • Jenn

    I would never say anyone deserves to die. But, why did she end up in an abortion clinic to do a late term abortion? I didn’t know that you could have an abortion at this stage. At this stage of a pregnancy, the fetus, or infant could be born and live. Who informed her of this? Was she educated? Unfortunately I am assuming, from reading this that she knew what stage of development this fetus was at. She and that infant have been failed by our system. Something went terribly wrong. I agree,..murder. Who ever did this is so wrong. Murder on the mom and the infant’s part. This was a viable being at this point in the pregnancy. I don’t believe in abortion at any point, but THIS! Who informed her of the facts!

  • Chef Roy

    Our country has much blood on its hands no one knows how many woman die or are harmed in the abortion mills dear savior forgive this woman God will one day punish the. USA He will not be silent forever

  • Martuska

    I have no sympathy for the woman who had her baby torn out of her womb in prices. This is beyond pathetic for both Mommy and the butcher who calls himself a doctor. My heart goes out to the innocent baby who suffered so much because his/her Mommy decided to wait 33 weeks before she finally decided to kill her baby. And to the butcher who slaughtered this innocent life….May you never have a moments peace for the remainder of your miserable existence .

  • Maris Stella

    This is incredibly tragic. Why do so many mothers, when given a prenatal diagnosis such as this young woman received (according to some of the comments, anyway), decide to kill their babies? Do they think doctors are God? Do they realize they are playing God?
    I will be standing outside Carhart’s Nebraska abortion mill tomorrow with a copy of this article, attempting to share the information with the women going inside, and showing them that their lives too are in danger.
    Pro-life people, remember we must speak the truth with love!

  • mt

    This should not be used as a point to drive an idea of right or wrong of the mother’s decision to have this abortion, but as an example of the very blatant fact that these procedures are being done in very unsafe conditions. Since abortion IS legal, whether I agree with it or not, women,… as human beings deserve to have safe conditions in which this legal procedure can be done. Such a dangerous thing as inducing labor, when giving birth to a live child, is always done in the hospital. I know first-hand. I’ve had a child when I have been induced and it is very painful, and sometimes things happen much faster than doctors plan. Lots of things can go wrong, and obviously for someone that is not quite full term and also has other drugs injected into her to kill the baby beforehand, not to mention the sheer stress to the mother of being in labor and having an abortion, however she feels about it, should be taken in the utmost medical seriousness. This woman, no matter how we feel about her, leaves behind other innocent children that will now never have their mommy because of careless and reckless medical practices done to her.

  • Charles

    I’m upset that these women who choose to have their babies murdered don’t understand what they’re doing and I’m extremely saddened that the doctor’s who murder unborn babies will suffer for eternity in hell and they also do not understand what they’re doing. People wake up!! We all need Jesus Christ and we all need to realize that we must obey God’s commands. READ THE BIBLE AND PRAY IN JESUS NAME. There’s so much more to be said about this……

  • How sad are these comments? I would love to hear the woman’s story and why she had to travel to a different state to have this procedure done. Why didn’t all of you try to help her? Now you are condemning her to Hell. Abortion is bad enough, but read your posts. You are sinning. You are judging. I don’t see truth with love. I see a huge amount of hate. Why aren’t you fighting prenatal testing like I am? Prenatal testing is the reason almost all late term abortions happen. I believe in the 10 commandments too. Thou shall not judge. If everyone prays for women in this situation it will all be better and Jesus will have your prayers in his hands. If it is your time to go Jesus knows and sometimes women will die from pregnancy. Doctors are NOT Gods. You deal with what life gives you, and if you are pregnant with a child with disabilities, I believe prenatal testing I think it encourages late term abortions like what this woman went through. Maris you have got it right. Treat this with love. Angel, your post was full of hate and I think you need to pray for forgiveness. I hope your post was out of sadness. Jesus forgives. This is a pro life site about prenatal testing. Check it out

  • Baby Saver


    Would you feel the same about a women the drown her 3 yr old in the bathtub?

    These women MURDER their babies; how can we feel ‘good’ about that?

    And we are NOT judging; judging is the process of determining guilt; these women are KNOW to be guilty. Jesus said to “suffer” the little children, not slaughter them and he would NOT support these cold-blooded killers! Look how he treated the money changers at the temple; do you really think he would treat baby killers better?

  • Mike

    I will never understand the depths of the hypocrisy of the extreme pro-life crowd. Regardless of what this woman did, as Christians we are supposed to forgive her and pray, Not condemn her to hell. Some of the people on here are so callous.

  • Really?

    An anonymous woman died according to an anonymous source, with no death certificate, medical records, or medical professionals cited. At best this sounds like an incomplete story.

  • Martuska

    This nice beautiful intelligent woman slaughtered her baby because she found out it wasn’t going to be born perfect. How pathetic! God hates hypocrisy and people leaving these comments are absolute hypocrites. Murder is wrong!!!! Murdering a defenseless baby in It’s mother’s womb is unimaginable. This baby never had a chance because of hypocrites who determined it would be disabled. So what! It could also have been the greatest joy to so many! Humans are the cruelest most evil species and only they are capable of such evil. The abortionist slaughtered this baby……I hope he never has a moment of peace for the remainder of his short existence.

  • I ash all a kind of I need to know, most people jump up and down in the elections, but this abortion issue, its as old as I am, the begging for dollars and still children die in this country, but now for baby parts.
    President Obama stated on TV that the un-born child is not protected by Constitutional Law, then why has not the Laws There-in be amended in respect to a child’s life… ?

  • Dorma Young

    All these black protesters talking about killing their people. Look @ what you had to have in the white house. You asked for it. He wants to ban guns to keep children from being murdered, but he doesn’t care about them being murded in the womb

  • Blake

    God is the only one with the right to judge. All of you misinformed bigots spouting off about how this woman is going to hell can head back to church and pray for forgiveness – your own. You don’t know what health problems she had. You have no right to condemn her. The hatred and anger you have for her is SINFUL.

  • Disgusted

    There are some seriously deranged and disturbed individuals here.

  • Baby Saver

    You are right Disgusted: and they ALL support abortion (baby murder)

  • marky

    We need to direct our anger and energy at the catholic, pro-choice governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley. Please send an e-mail to him with the subject line: Is this what you mean by choice?
    His e-mail form is at and he is on Twitter at @GovernorOMalley
    Remember he wants to be president some day. Do we want someone who let’s late-term abortions in his state run our country?

  • Gabriel

    How is it that so many of the hateful people posting here know the conditions behind this situation? Did they violate patient-doctor privilege and spy on medical records? Did they pray, and God “told” them the situation?

    How do we know that the mother’s health wasn’t already in serious risk by the pregnancy, and that taking the pregnancy to full term would have resulted in a higher likelihood of her dying than of having the abortion? How do we know that the baby was healthy, and would not have been born with serious birth defects which would have caused it to die in the first few months or first few years?

    If the mother had an abortion this late in the pregnancy, it probably wasn’t just a “I changed my mind, I don’t want a baby anymore” decision. It was probably a very difficult decision to kill an unborn child because of the health risks to the mother and/or the health problems the baby would have if it was born. We don’t have any reason to suspect that there was malpractice by the doctor; in fact, there’s a good chance that there were complications in the pregnancy which increased the mother’s risk of dying in either an abortion or when giving birth.

    The Christian pro-life movement needs to distance itself from hatred, and embrace forgiveness and love. I see and hear so many Christians complaining about all the flaws of secular American culture, with its glorification of violence and lust, but I don’t see nearly enough Christians complaining about the hatred and intolerance in Christian culture. The Bible says that if you are living a Christian life, you will be persecuted. It doesn’t say that if you are persecuted, you are living a Christian life. You may claim to be a Christian, and have people hating you, but if you do not love and forgive, then you are not living a Christian life.

    A true Christian would pray for this woman, and for the likely difficult pregnancy she endured, filled with complications, and the likely difficult time she had making this extremely difficult decision. She may have even had a husband and/or children of her own.

    Christians – PLEASE – END THE HATE.

  • Caitlen

    Although, my heart hurt’s that she made such a horrible choice in the last days of her life, I still don’t think we should be saying that she deserved to die. We need to understand it could have been any of us, we could have been lied to our whole lives and told this was the only way out and we could have been so poor or down and out that we had no one to turn too. God has given us grace so that we can give it to others. God will judge all of us, she was a person Jesus died for remember we who have Christ are not special. We have just found the light and know not to do things like this. Please learn to love those who make mistakes, we will never win this battle with nasty hateful comments like that. We all deserve to die for our sins, but we are saved by God’s grace and we need to do our very best to save these mothers and babies. Please understand I hate abortion with everything in my soul, but I know God wants me to love those who are lost and need guidance. I beg you fellow Christians use love and truth to fight this battle for the lives of these precious babies and mothers. You can stand firm and still use love, just as our heavenly Father rebukes us when we step out of His plan.

  • Mary

    We now know she was told her child had fetal anomalies. She was married and happy to have a child. Her family came with her to the abortion clinic. I am sorry she died, I am sorry her child died. Neither had to die at the hand of the abortionist (one who has been in trouble before). There is never a need to attack a fetus, and psychological and medical research shows again and again that aborting a child with difficulties brings more pain, grief, and depression than giving birth to the child and being there when it dies of a natural death. Please Google “perinatal hospice”. The child was developed enough to induce labor. Unfortunately, the parents were most likely misinformed. The point of the pro-life movement spreading this story is to show the dangers of this elective surgery, particularly late term ones. And the hypocrisy of the pro-choice movement; abortion’s safe? Well, if they wanted it that way, they would take away the medical licenses of this doctor and several others who have performed botched abortions and seriously harmed/killed young women over the past year.

  • Nancy

    Lord have mercy on Jennifer and baby Madison. My heart goes out to them and their families. My prayer is for their souls to rest in peace. People posting here, please have some compassion. As you treat your neighbor, God will treat you. He without sin, cast the first stone.I see many stones cast here. We are all sinners, please return to Him to receive His grace to show compassion and love. So much hurt, so much hate. Replace it with Love.

  • Janet

    So many women don’t think abortion is killing,but it is. Only God has the right to take a life. If you don’t have an idea of what is done when you abort then I suggest you watch the video. Google search the procedure. You will be horrified. I am so against abortion. I will not judge the woman who died. If anything I think the whole situation is sad.

  • Helen Satmary

    Abortion is NOT a civil rights issue it IS a HUMAN Rights issue. Yes, Sanger who first advocated abortions did so to eliminnate black babies. However, black or white murder is murder is murder of the most innocent among us. The child in the mothers womb who has a God given right to life! These girls are mostly young and do not realize the atrocity of their actions until it is too late. The abortionist cares NOT for the mother or the child. They care only about the monies they make and it is substantial. Most abortionist become millionaires through abortion. They do not care about the horrific pain a baby goes through as it is being killed. And as time goes on the abortionist are so demonic he/she does not care whether the mother lives or dies either just as long as they get their blood money! They have enough lobbyist to keep them going and out of trouble with the law. This is why America is going through such dire times. We have forgotten our God and have turned to a godless society where we only care about sexual freedom to do what we want and feel free to kill any unintended consequence of our actions. We must stop this craziness and turn back to our God and beg forgiveness. We have all been complicit in these murders by allowing these killing mills to go on for so long. The buildings they inhabit should seep with the blood of the innocent lives that have been taken. These abortionists should be tried and executed for the murders of these innocent victims.

  • I pastored for over 25 years, received an audible word from God on April 23, 1988, while praying in the Spirit, for direction in the ministry. He set me up in the bed at exactly 12am, lit up the room, and said, in a very strong voice, “Abortion is satanic worship, they are taking my most innocent ones as a human sacrifice to satan”. Within two weeks I was involved with Operation Rescue, as a pastor who would lead in prayer at the mill, before a Rescue, and at the rally after the rescue. Because I prayed, I was a target of the police, and abused at every rescue, but we forgave them, they did not know what they were doing. Jesus said from the cross, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”.
    In th evening rally we ministered to them, in the love of the LORD. Some who wanted to abort, but could not because of the rescuers, saw the light of Gods LOVE, that people who they did not know, were willing to go to jail to keep them from murdering their babies, and still forgive them for wanting to. Love never fails, and what you plant should be good seed, because what you plant shall surely come to pass. In love, Donald

  • How many more babies and mothers must die before people will start recognizing that the people they are electing into public offices should be all replaced. They are leading the way for continued murders of innocent babies. America needs to wake up now and admit to themselves that killing of human beings is absolutely barbaric and uncivilize.

    We are destroying the very people who would take over when our time to leave this earth. At the rate we are going, there will be no people left on earth. Having said this, we need to reach the hearts of all people and then the Holy Spirit will be able to do the conversion and transformation.

    We must PRAY and then we must ACT.


  • Because of the blood of over 5 million aborted children, this nation, our nation is beginning to be judged by the God that created it. The God our founding fathers dedicated this country to, before they got off the boat, and the God they asked to bless, and protect them and the country from those who would hinder their freedom to worship Jesus as they desired to. America is the most blessed nation ever on this planet, and we the people have messed it up, as we have allowed the supreme court (which is not supreme), to take Jesus, and prayer to Him, to be taken out of our schools, by the anti-God crowd. They had no numbers, but got it done.
    God, by the power of the Holy Ghost, in the name of Jesus, gave Christians all power to defeat all enemies of God, but we did nothing, but talk.
    As a part of Operation Rescue, we were out there on the front line, being mocked, cursed, and beaten, trying to save life, and change the heart of a nation. We needed much more help then we got. God hates abortion, the homosexual spirit (not the person), the removing of the Ten Commandments, the seperation from Israel which is going on at this time, etc, etc.
    As of September 11, 2001, the warnings of God have begun, the breach was opened for the enemy to come in, our God protection ceased, for the first time in our history our enemy was allowed to come to our shores, and attack us. But we have not repented, confessed our sins, turned, and prayed for God to get involved in bringing us back into fellowship with HIM.
    Pray America, use all the weapons of warfare you have been given. NO MORE TALK.

  • LMA

    Reading some if these replies affirms why religion in my eyes is so corrupt…people are lacking spirituality big time in our country. America is the most blessed nation in the world??? Seriously? That’s the most arrogant statement. Also that God “hates” homosexuality spirit? Maybe your God does….but mine is all loving and each of us in created in His (or Her) image. If you are taking 9/11 as a warming, what about the geneicides in Africa? Unless you walk in another persons shoes, do NOT judge. Arrogance and hate are the complete opposite of what Jesus taught which is love and acceptance. Period. I am a recovering catholic and sadly I have seen more hateful Christians than any other religion out there. Sad what religion does to spirituality. The golden rule is simply love one another as I have loved you. Not, unless you are gay, non-Christian, or any other stipulation people concoct.

  • Mer

    Please, no more “she deserved to die” comments okay! If you support the women in the “I regret my abortion” movement, you shouldn’t be talking this way. Who knows, this young woman may have gone on to regret her decision later in life and could have been giving her testimonial at the March For Life like so many other post abortive women.

    We need to have compassion for the mother and father of this child. They were probably given a worst case scenario by some know it all doctor that believed that not only did he have a medical license but could also see into the future! How can any doctor know or predict exactly how a child’s life will pan out? I don’t doubt that the pressure to abort was enormous on this young couple. I have been in a position where I had to advocate for my child’s life because the perinatologists were so sure that she had Down Syndrome or something worse. I was told on more than one occasion that she could just die suddenly in utero. They ended up inducing me early because they wanted to get her out before she “died” and she ended being jaundiced and I almost could not stop bleeding because my uterus did not take kindly to being forced into labor. My daughter did not have Down Syndrome or any other syndrome! She did have a hole in her heart (VSD) that was never detected by any of the 3 doctors that went over my many ultrasounds! How can anybody take what these doctors say 100% seriously. They can say that they are sure that they know what is wrong with the baby but in reality, they won’t really know what is going on with the baby until it’s born! People need to stop treating these doctors like they are all knowing God’s and must be obeyed at all times. It’s alright to go against them. It’s your child!

    I have a severely handicapped niece that loves life and is never without a smile on her face. She wants to live! Its hard for people to grasp this but it’s true. Our family wouldn’t be complete without her.

    Unfortunately, when expectant parents hear about their unborn baby’s disabilities that is all they think about. They don’t believe that they will ever have any cherished memories or happy moments with their disabled child. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Doctors never present any kind of positive or hopeful point of view to the expectant parents in their care though. They offer them a bleak picture of constant sorrow and torment. That is a real crime.

    It’s a tough situation for expectant parents to be in when given a poor prenatal diagnosis. My husband and I had to face that with two of my pregnancies. They thought that my middle child was going to have Down Syndrome as well. Wrong again(she’s fine). I don’t know what was said to this young couple to cause them to end their child’s life but I’m sure that the doctors pinned them both up against a wall and offered them no alternative. If they would have chosen to allow the pregnancy to go on I’m sure they would have been criticized for it! You are treated like filth if you God forbid, want to allow your child to live! It’s awful.

    Anyway, I prattled on long enough. I will be praying for this young woman and her family. I do hope that she has made her amends with God and that she is reunited with her child. It’s just a sad and tragic situation all around. My heart breaks for her kindergarten class. I’m sure that their little hearts are broken.

  • Mer

    I just wanted to add that I am not trying to excuse their actions. I do see how they could come to that kind of decision though.

  • mirage diner lea

    i pray for this beautiful woman and her family. i have served them for years and was blessed to have known one has the right to judge her or her family words cant express the grief i feel for all of them.

  • MC

    Anyone in the comments who has said that this woman deserved to die – you are a despicable human being and you need to rethink your priorities. Do you want to know why so many people hate some pro-lifers? It’s not because many of you want to save unborn children, but wouldn’t mind killing off the people who have already had the fortune to be born. Obviously from the other comments, this woman had extenuating circumstances that made her decide to abort the baby, and I am not saying what she did was right, but she chose this for herself because she thought it would be best for herself and her baby. You all paint her as some cruel, heartless murderer, but no one would do this for no reason! Like I said, rethink your priorities. Rest in peace, JMM. As for the doctor, he should be held accountable for his actions and sued for malpractice and possibly receive jail time. This is obviously is a very messed up situation, but the DOCTOR is the reason why this woman died. Does anyone care about that? Long term abortions are very risky and I really think they should be outlawed, especially because of something like this.

  • Baby Saver

    She died because she was trying to murder her baby….

  • Heather Ten Eyck

    I agree with “Mer”, “MC”, and the few others who spoke out as TRUE pro-lifers! All of you others, awful people, who probably *CLAIM* to be pro-life, and said this misguided mother DESERVED to die bc she aborted her baby, are disgusting and TERRIBLE human beings! Don’t DARE call yourselves CHRISTIAN or PRO-LIFE!! You are kidding yourselves. God have mercy on YOUR souls for applauding the death of this person or any person. No one DESERVES to die, even if she made the horrible decision to kill her child. You wonder what the world is coming to bc women chose to kill their children? I wonder what this world is coming to when people have the audacity to say women DESERVE to die bc of a horrible decision. I am TRULY pro-life. I am completely anti-abortion, anti-capital punishment, and, NO ONE “DESERVES” DEATH bc of your *mere* sickening HUMAN judgement. Her poor soul, committing this gravely mortal sin, is to be judged by God…and God alone. Don’t place yourself anywhere NEAR having that honor or ability. How sickening.