Ambulance Transported Another Sella Patient to Hospital Moments Before Board Dismissed Negligence Charges

Albuquerque, NM — Operation Rescue has received word that as the New Mexico Medical Board was preparing to dismiss a negligence case against late-term abortionist Shelley Sella this morning, eye witnesses observed an ambulance arrive at Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque to transfer yet another of Sella’s patients to the hospital.

“This morning’s apparent medical emergency only validates not only our belief that Sella’s disciplinary case was wrongly decided, but also our concerns that Sella’s substandard abortion practices are placing women in grave risk,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue. “We can only wonder how many women have to be hospitalized before authorities act to protect the public from Sella’s shoddy practices. Since it refuses to protect the public, there needs to be a complete and immediate overhaul of the New Mexico Medical Board.”

This is a breaking story and Operation Rescue continues to work with Project Defending Life to obtain additional information about the incident that took place around 9:30 am.

Press Release about Sella’s case dismissal

  • Eileen Peterson

    The death and destruction of women due to medical malpractice must stop.
    How many women much die before justice is done?

  • Anna Marie Danyko

    Obviously, the death and destruction of children in the womb must stop AS WELL as evidenced by the individuals themselves in both films–born and unborn. It is also obvious that pro-abort clinics are given special “passes” in this country. The lid’s gonna blow on this deception. It’s only a MATTER OF TIME!


  • Mary

    The American people should protect the innocent who die everyday from the hands of their OWN MOTHERS!! ABORTION IS MURDER!! AND THE ASSASSINS ARE THOSE WHO SHOULD LOVE THESE ANGELS INCONDICIONALY!!