This is one of twenty known medical emergencies at the Greater Boston Planned Parenthood, where a woman suffered a traumatic abortion that left three-fourths of her baby inside her for months.

By Cheryl Sullenger

Boston, MA – Over five years after Amanda Davis suffered a botched abortion at the Planned Parenthood facility in Boston, Massachusetts, the abortion business continues to resist reaching any settlement with her despite medical records that document unacceptably sloppy practices and callous treatment.

“This is what happens when abortionists stop even pretending to care about women and their babies,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Amanda’s injuries were not a matter of accident or a simple one-time oversight.  Planned Parenthood failed her over and over and over again.”

Not everyone’s life is neat and tidy, and that is true for Amanda Davis. Yet, that does not mean she deserved the treatment she got from Planned Parenthood.  If anything, she merited extra care.

In early 2016, Davis was undergoing treatment with a Massachusetts facility for addiction recovery according to public court records..  The following month, on February 4, Davis, who was just 21 years old, traveled to the Planned Parenthood abortion facility, located on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston where she was seen by abortionist Alice Mark. In addition to serving as an abortionist at Planned Parenthood, Mark is also a Senior Medical Advisor for the National Abortion Federation.

Records show that Mark confirmed through an ultrasound examination that Davis was 10 weeks pregnant.  Mark then conducted an abortion on Davis, after which she supposedly visually examined the aborted baby remains and certified that Davis’ abortion was complete.

Upon release, Davis was told someone from Planned Parenthood would contact her later with an appointment date for her follow-up exam, but even though they had her correct phone number on file, no one ever did.

Greater Boston Planned Parenthood abortionist Alice Mark.

Over the next two weeks, Davis’ bleeding and cramping became increasingly worse, sometimes passing blood clots as large as a baseball.  She contacted Planned Parenthood by phone on at least five occasions during that time and, as instructed, left a message noting that she was having complications after her first trimester abortion.  No one from Planned Parenthood ever called her back.

Davis alleges that she was never informed by Planned Parenthood at the time of her abortion that the symptoms she now experienced could be indications that she had an incomplete abortion.

Davis’ condition continued to deteriorate until she was bedridden with pain and weakness.  Finally, on March 15, nearly six weeks after her abortion, she was transported to CHA’s Cambridge Hospital’s emergency room, where she was seen by Joshua M. Mularella, MD.

Whether Mularella just didn’t want to be bothered by Davis’ condition or whether it was due to the Cambridge Health Alliance’s apparent support for Planned Parenthood, Mularella discharged Davis without conducting an ultrasound or reaching a diagnosis.

In a letter dated January 16, 2018, Davis’ attorney detailed to Mark, Mularella, and their employers at Planned Parenthood and the Cambridge Health Alliance respectively the so-called “care” Davis received.

Dr. Mularella noted that Amanda was “status post abortion at Planned Parenthood last month”, [sic] and was then experiencing “heavy vaginal bleeding” and “lower abdominal cramping.” He further confirmed the vaginal bleeding and blood clots via a pelvic exam. Notwithstanding her symptoms and known post-abortion status, Dr. Mularella failed to perform or order a pelvic ultrasound (“US”) and/or other diagnostic or clinical testing with respect to Amanda’s condition. Nor did he order or seek a gynecologic consultation.

So, without conducting any testing, he informed Davis that her debilitating symptoms were “most likely due to the change in hormones following the abortion,” then sent her on her way without further treatment. (See CHA records, p. 40 in packet.)

Finally on April 4, 2016, – a full two months after her abortion – Davis was taken by her mother to Massachusetts General Hospital, where she was examined by a gynecologist and given a pelvic ultrasound that showed evidence of an incomplete abortion.

According to Davis, the health care providers that cared for her told her that Planned Parenthood’s abortionist, Alice Mark, had left three-quarters of her baby inside her.

That unexpected information blindsided Davis, sending her into a “deep depression and mental anguish.”

She was treated with Misoprostol, a drug used to induce strong contractions, that resulted in a second, painful abortion.  Even though she was released from the hospital the following day, her bleeding did not subside for another month.

Her months-long ordeal took a toll on Davis. 

There’s little doubt that there is a connection between addiction and abortion, especially if the abortion is traumatic in nature.  One recent study from the University of Manitoba indicates that women who have had abortions are 3.8 times more likely to suffer post-abortion addiction.

Recent court records show that Davis continues to be treated for addiction, which may have been exacerbated by her traumatic first trimester abortion – something that Planned Parenthood dubiously claims is the safest of all procedures.  It certainly wasn’t for Davis.

In fact, Operation Rescue has documented at least 20 medical emergencies at the Greater Boston Planned Parenthood that required ambulance transport to local emergency rooms. And there’s no telling how many women like Davis ended up in the hospital after leaving the abortion facility.

But now, Planned Parenthood is attempting to get Davis’ medical records from her addiction treatment program, which is resisting.  It is likely that Planned Parenthood will attempt to use the medical records to shift the blame for her botched abortion and ensuing mental suffering on to Davis.

As for Mark and the staff at the Boston Planned Parenthood abortion facility, no one appeared to have much concern for the well-being of Amanda Davis.  Literally, no one cared about her at all.

  • The sloppy, incomplete abortion done by Mark showed a disturbing level of negligence and lack of consideration for the safety of her patient.
  • Mark’s alleged failure to properly examine the aborted baby remains to ensure everything had been removed revealed an intolerable level of carelessness.
  • Planned Parenthood’s failure to fully inform Davis possible abortion complications and their symptoms demonstrated the staff didn’t want to bother with her.
  • The failure of Planned Parenthood’s staff to give Davis a follow-up appointment showed a callous disregard for her safety.
  • The refusal of anyone at Planned Parenthood to return any of Davis’ calls for help demonstrated a shocking level of heartlessness. 

This case makes Planned Parenthood’s slogan, “Care. No matter what,” more hollow than an empty roll of toilet paper.

Davis’s suit currently continues with the judge noting on August 26, 2021, that he has “expectations” for “meaningful discussions” a “good faith attempt” to settle or at least narrow the case, even after nearly four years of litigation.  But given Planned Parenthood’s penchant for dodging responsibility for abortion injuries, time will tell if that is even possible.