By Cheryl Sullenger

Boston, MA – Two ambulances responded to a 911 call for help placed by the Greater Boston Planned Parenthood in Boston, Massachusetts, on January 16, 2021, for a woman who was suffering an asthma attack, presumably during an abortion appointment.

The Planned Parenthood abortion facility did not appear to have been equipped to treat the woman’s symptoms.

The woman, who appeared to be Black, was having such difficulty breathing that she could not speak in full sentences.  She was placed on a gurney and wheeled to one of the awaiting ambulances then transported to the Emergency Department at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for proper medical care.

The incident was confirmed to be unrelated to the China Virus, according to a Boston Fire Incident report obtained by Operation Rescue.

Planned Parenthood has been known to target poor urban women of color for abortions, particularly those in the Black community. In fact, at least one Planned Parenthood organization in New York recently was accused of racism by its own employees .

This is the nineteenth time Operation Rescue has documented an abortion-related emergency that required ambulance transport at the Greater Boston Planned Parenthood.

“It seems that ‘Black Lives Matter’ only when you are not a pregnant Black woman seeking to abort a baby at Planned Parenthood. Then, those lives are treated as expendable,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “There is no excuse for this Planned Parenthood being so poorly equipped for emergencies that it could not handle something as common as an asthma attack. Cutting corners on emergency precautions illustrates the exploitive nature we see so often in abortion business. That shoddy practice may save Planned Parenthood a few bucks, but the cost to women is immeasurable. The Greater Boston Planned Parenthood should be investigated for incompetence and negligence.”

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