The shocking details—recently discovered—
now revealed below

[UPDATE: Thanks to all who have donated online! Because of the great response, we have decided to make the “100 Days” report available for download online. CLICK HERE to download a .pdf version of the report.]
Dear Friend of Life,

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

NEVER in the history of our great nation have we had a more PRO-ABORTION PRESIDENT than Barack Hussein Obama!

He has publicly VOWED to help the Abortion Cartel in every way possible!
He has PROMISED to make BABY-KILLING his NUMBER ONE PRIORITY in his so-called “compassionate” presidency of “hope” and “change”!

And now he’s been given an actual “BLUEPRINT” for this unholy “JIHAD” against the unborn—written for him by the very kingpins of the Abortion Cartel themselves—of which we at Operation Rescue have obtained a copy!

I have the report sitting on my desk in front of me as I write this letter.
It’s shocking, to say the least.
A full 55 pages, it contains detailed instructions on exactly what Barack Obama should do in the first 100 days of his administration.
Their #1 goal? To promote baby-killing, of course.
But also…

…To DEFEAT the Pro-Life Movement
— Once And For All!

I’m not kidding. This document is VERY frightening!
And if we don’t act now, everything it contains will surely get implemented by the abortion-obsessed Obama Administration.

I’ll give you all the eye-popping details in a moment.

But when you finish reading this letter, I want to send you a copy of this report—in its entirety—in return for your help as we do everything in our power to STOP this “jihad” against the unborn!

Here’s what it’s all about…
First of all, the document was prepared by a whole nest of vipers in the pro-abortion/anti-family/anti-Christian movement—63 organizations in all!
They range from the “top” war criminals like Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW, and the ACLU to “Catholics” for Choice… the Center for Reproductive Rights… and the very leftist American Association of University Women—plus many others whose names you’d recognize.
Even the Sierra Club and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists signed on to support this “First 100 Days” plan for what basically amounts to…

All-Out WAR on the Unborn!

In a nutshell, the plan calls for virtually unlimited FUNDING for the abortion cartel and their bloodthirsty agenda.
I’m talking about BILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!!
Yes, at a time when our nation’s economy is barely hanging on by a thread, these deathmongers want billions for abortion, contraception, sex education, sterilization… you name it!
And at the same time, they want to strike down all the laws and regulations that currently restrict abortion in any way.
As you may know, pro-lifers have worked tirelessly at the highest levels of government during the Bush Administration (and before) to implement very reasonable rules in an attempt to keep the abortion juggernaut in check.
For instance, we were able to get certain restrictions on public funding of abortion—because quite frankly, it’s absolutely unconscionable to require a taxpayer who abhors abortion to pay for it with his or her hard-earned tax dollars!!!

But the coercive pro-aborts don’t care about you or me. They care only about killing babies—as many as possible, as fast as possible!

So in this document, they give detailed instructions to President Obama for how to strike down all the pro-life victories that had ever been achieved—even though there weren’t that many!
They even want to take away the rights of doctors and nurses to say “NO!” to performing abortions! It’s called the HHS Federal Refusal Rule, and it protects true health care providers from being forced to participate in a murder! But these rats want that rule struck down!
As another example, they want to restore U.S. taxpayer funding to the notorious United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)—which goes around the world killing babies and sterilizing mothers and fathers in countries that need babies more than ever!
The Bush Administration successfully blocked U.S. funding for the UNFPA baby-killers. So they want to restore that funding—and make it retroactive so they get all the money that they didn’t get under President Bush!
President Bush also signed a ban on abortions at U.S. military facilities, here and abroad. Naturally, the baby-killers want that ban lifted.
And finally, they want to remove all restrictions on “emergency contraception”—the so-called “morning after” pill that essentially targets the fertilized egg and kills it.
Of course, throughout this document, they use the deliberately deceptive and tired old code word for abortion“reproductive health.”
So wherever you see the words “reproductive health” and “health care” as you read their report, you know they’re talking about KILLING BABIES!!!

Because Abortion Is NOT “Health Care”—

But that’s how backwards their thinking is.
They also have the gall to refer to every pro-life victory in the past as “ideologically” or “politically” motivated.
Oh, and the abortionists aren’t politically or ideologically motivated? Give me a break!
For instance, the sex-obsessed baby-killers also want to DE-FUND the abstinence-only educational programs that were implemented during the Bush Administration.

Because they HATE abstinence, for one thing. And apparently they want ALL that government money for themselves!!!
As you read through this report, you’ll see the truly shocking dollar amounts that they’re asking for. Let me give you a sneak preview…

• Title X Family Planning: $700 Million
• Sex Education: $50 Million
• Title V Maternal and Child Health: $850 Million
• UNFPA: $235 Million
• International Organizations and Programs Account: $65 Million
• The CDC’s Sexually-Transmitted Infections Program: $267 Million
• The CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health: $66.6 Million
• Contraception Education Programs: $30 Million
• International Family Planning Programs: $1 BILLION!
And much more!

According to my calculator, that’s more than $3.2 BILLION altogether!
Amazing! Their audacity is astounding.
And in addition to all of this super-spending on abortion (even at a time when our nation and our government is going bankrupt), the professional baby-killers want Obama to work quickly for the passage of the so-called “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA), which in one fell swoop would forever remove any and all restrictions on abortion—including the Partial Birth Abortion Ban!
Barack Obama campaigned passionately that he would make FOCA his “first priority” if elected to office.
Well, now he’s there. And I have to tell you… we have one helluva fight on our hands to defeat the abortion juggernaut.
But wait… the baby-assassins aren’t finished yet!
They’re not just out to kill babies. They’re also out to…

Shut Down the Pro-Life Movement!

Remember when Bill Clinton was in office, and he had Janet Reno and her “Justice” Department crack down hard on pro-life activities?
Well, those days of unconstitutional persecution will soon return under “President” Obama—if the baby-killers who wrote this “First 100 Days” document get their way!
You see, they want to “reinvigorate” the “National Task Force on Violence Against Health Care Providers”—a special group of brownshirts that specifically protected abortion mills (the only “health care” providers they care about) from peaceful pro-life activities like sit-ins and pickets.

If this Nazi-style “task force” gets “reinvigorated” again, we will soon see a barrage of lawsuits, injunctions, arrests, prison sentences, and worse—all designed to silence and neutralize the pro-life movement.

I spent years in federal court being sued by Janet Reno—so I know!

Ungodly Rage

As I was reading this document—with my jaw hitting the floor most of the time—I was reminded of the excellent book by Donna Steichen, Ungodly Rage, which described why the feminist movement is so viciously pro-abortion and so downright ANGRY.
This “First 100 Days” report is a thoroughly feminist document. In fact, in the Introduction, they utter the Feminist Creed for Abortion, Abortion, and More Abortion…
“…ensuring access to reproductive health services [abortion] is essential to women’s full and equal participation in society.”
In other words, women should kill their own babies just so they can have a “career.”
As you read this report, you’ll notice that not a word is said of men’s rights. Because to an angry feminist, men don’t have rights! Not even rights over their own child in the mother’s womb!
Men don’t matter.
And to an angry feminist, the ONLY “choice” for a pregnancy is abortion. They virtually never counsel a woman to keep her baby or give the child up for adoption. Are you kidding me?
They hate babies more than they hate men!
These God-haters also want to make the “Plan B” abortion pill available over-the-counter at any drug store in America—for any teenage girl to get her hands on and possibly DIE from due to its dangerous side-effects! (At least four young girls already have, that we know of.)
They also spend a lot of time in this document calling for more abortion services to be made available to low-income women, “women of color” (the current Newspeak term), and “certain immigrant women.”
Don’t they realize who they’re already targeting?!? Virtually all abortion mills are located in low-income, minority neighborhoods—a clearly racist and eugenicist pattern that has gone on every since Roe v. Wade!
I remember California abortionist Edward Allred—who once owned as many as 23 abortion mills(!)—admitting in a newspaper interview that he would gladly set up a clinic at the Mexican border and perform abortions on immigrant women FOR FREE… just to stem the tide of “undesirables” into his posh seaside community.
The evil hypocrisy of these vipers knows no bounds.
Oh, and this document also calls for free universal health care. (Who’s going to pay for it? You and me, of course!) And their top priority is to make sure that this “free” health care includes…

Unlimited, Unrestricted Access to BABY-KILLING!!!

After all, to these people, what else is there?
Abortion is the ONLY thing they care about. As long as they’re killing babies, they’re happy.
Makes you wonder who they work for, doesn’t it?
It certainly isn’t our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
But that’s who WE work for—and we’re not going to give up, no matter who is in the White House or Congress or the Justice Department!
As Christians, we have an obligation to defend God’s innocent children from the diabolical designs of the baby-killers.
We can never give up!
And that’s why I’ll hope you’ll continue to support the tireless efforts of Operation Rescue as we go boldly into battle for the next four years.
And especially in the “First 100 Days” of the Obama Administration!
We’re going to EXPOSE the abortion cartel’s fiendish plans as outlined in this document that we were fortunate enough to get our hands on.
And the first thing I want to do is send YOU a copy of it, as quickly as possible.
Since it’s 55 pages long, I need to send it to you by e-mail. It’s too expensive to print. [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD]
So please CLICK HERE to make a generous donation of perhaps $50 or $100 to Operation Rescue so that we can have the financial resources to fight these well-funded (taxpayer-funded) pro-abortion groups. (If you prefer not to give on-line, please CLICK HERE for other giving options.)
We will be glad to e-mail a copy of this shocking document to you in return. [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD]
We don’t actually need millions or billions. We’re able to be remarkably effective with thousands of dollars at a time!
But we do need money, because every project we engage in requires it—whether it’s our fleet of Truth Trucks or our Web site or our radio ads… you name it, it takes money.

In this tough economy, I wouldn’t have the nerve to ask you for money if I didn’t see how your sacrifices help us save babies every single day.

No matter where we go, we reach people with the truth about abortion.

And we’re also seeing the fruits of our labors against the world’s most notorious abortionist, George Tiller, who could be going to JAIL if we’re successful in pursuing justice against him for breaking Kansas law on late-term abortions.
I pray that 2009 is a year of peace for you, rather than the nightmare it’s going to be for the babies who are being targeted for death by the abortion cartel… even as I write this letter.
God bless you for your selfless sacrifices on behalf of the unborn. It’s your true Christian charity that can still save this great nation of ours.
But only if we act in time.
For the babies,
Troy Newman
P.S. Please let me send you a copy of this “First 100 Days” document so you can see for yourself what the pro-aborts have planned for the Obama Administration. [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD]
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Please bless us with a gift of $50 or more (if you can). But at this difficult time, I assure you that ANY gift is a blessing. [Donate here]
Thank you for all that you do. You are constantly in my prayers.