By Cheryl Sullenger

Baltimore, MD — In a scene that has been replicated thousands of times at abortion facilities across America, an ambulance and fire unit responded to a 911 call for help on December 18, 2019, when a woman who had undergone an abortion experienced “possibly dangerous” hemorrhage.

This incident took place at the Baltimore Health Center Planned Parenthood, located near downtown Baltimore, Maryland. 

Heavily redacted 911 records, including a recording and CAD printout, supplied to Operation Rescue by the pro-life organization Defend Life, revealed little about the emergency, except that the call was placed by a Planned Parenthood worker going by the name “Jessica Smith” using a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) at 11:27 a.m.

Smith claimed that there was no direct number to the clinic and that all calls are routed through a central appointment call center, which was the call-back number she gave to the 911 dispatcher.

Video taken at the scene by a Defend Life activist showed the arrival of a Baltimore City ambulance and fire unit at the Planned Parenthood facility.  A final video clip showed a woman on a gurney covered head to toe with a sheet as she was being loaded into the ambulance for emergency transport to an unidentified hospital emergency room.

Operation Rescue obtained a clip of the 911 emergency radio dispatch for the incident, where a dispatcher was heard notifying emergency responders that the incident involved a hemorrhage using the priority code “21 Bravo 1” or 21-B-1.

That alpha-numeric code is a standard EMS determinate code that informs responders of the nature and severity of the medical emergency.  The number 21 represents the general reason for the emergency, which was a hemorrhage.  The “Bravo” code indicates a Basic Life Support ambulance was needed to run “hot,” using lights and sirens.   

The final number gave more specific information about the hemorrhage.  In this case, it represented “Possibly dangerous hemorrhage.”

Hemorrhaging is a life-threatening condition that is the most common abortion complication for which ambulances are called.  Hemorrhaging can occur as a result of a number of abortion-related mishaps, including incomplete abortions, lacerations, and/or perforations of internal organs.

The Baltimore Planned Parenthood was last inspected during a routine re-licensing survey on August 6, 2018, where several deficiencies were cited.  Those violations included the discovery of expired drugs and other supplies throughout the facility.  Planned Parenthood was also cited for leaving a used syringe in a cabinet, and the dangerous practice of re-using a single-dose vial of a drug used in cervical blocks three different times that day.  Single dose vials do not contain preservatives necessary for safe re-use, and must be disposed of after each use.

“Women suffer as the result of botched or mishandled abortions nearly every day at substandard abortion facilities in this country. We have documented hundreds of abortion-related medical emergencies at abortion facilities, including several maternal deaths.  This body of evidence proves that abortion is not safe,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.  “There is no doubt that the Abortion Cartel is lying to the American people and covering up the real dangers of abortion.  Women deserve to know the truth that abortion not only takes the lives of their innocent babies, but places their own lives in danger as well.”

Earlier this month, Operation Rescue released a powerful compilation video featuring 100 medical emergencies at abortion facilities nationwide that required ambulance transport to hospitals in 2019.

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