Lincoln, NE – A bill that would ban abortions in Nebraska after 20 weeks gestation was filed yesterday by Speaker of the Legislature Sen. Mike Flood. LB1103 would restrict abortions once the fetus had developed “physical structures necessary to experience pain.”
The bill was introduced in response to late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart’s announced intensions of introducing late-term abortions to Nebraska such as those that he did in Kansas while in the employment of the late George Tiller.
Yesterday the Associated Press reported that Carhart denies doing abortion past 22 weeks gestation.
However, Operation Rescue has obtained an undercover tape of an interview with LeRoy Carhart made on December 3, 2009, that reveals that Carhart is now doing late-term abortions perhaps as late as 30 weeks, many for vague “mental health” reasons.
Operation Rescue has compiled excerpts of the interview and released the audio file to the public.
“It has been our experience that Mr. Carhart is not the most truthful person when it comes to admitting the full scope of his abortion activities. It is more than obvious that Carhart is already doing extremely late term abortions for nebulous mental health reasons,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“In fact, three of his former clinic workers have come forward and submitted sworn affidavits to the Attorney General’s office detailing illegal and unethical conduct that they witnessed, which they believe places women’s lives and health in danger. The later an abortion is done, the greater the risks of serious complications. We believe strongly that Carhart’s abortion operation in Bellevue, Nebraska, especially as it relates to late-term abortions, is dangerous and should be stopped immediately.
“Because of that, Operation Rescue supports LB1103 because it will save the lives of viable babies that can feel pain and can survive outside the womb if birthed instead of aborted, and it will spare women from being subjected to the dangerous and illegal conditions and practices that we believe exist at Carhart’s abortion clinic.”
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