By Anne Reed

If left to the pro-abortion radicals pressing for a constitutional amendment in the state of Ohio, the Buckeye State will become characterized by extreme late-term abortion on demand. 

Pro-abortion radicals are collecting signatures across the state to change the Ohio constitution, creating a so-called right to abortion. If passed, the state’s Supreme Court could block nearly any law the Ohio legislature passes to restrict abortion, including crucial safety standards for mothers.

Petition circulators have until July 5, 2023, to obtain more than 400,000 signatures. If secured, the measure will be placed on the November ballot for a vote. As the law currently stands, 50% of Ohio qualified voters, plus one, must vote in favor of the measure at the ballot box to achieve this disastrous alteration to the state’s constitution. 

State legislators are working to combat the efforts of abortion radicals by introducing House Joint Resolution 1 (HJR1). Sponsored by Rep. Brian Stewart (R), the resolution would make the process of changing the state constitution more difficult, requiring a 60% super-majority of qualified voters to approve a constitutional amendment, or to modify procedures for an initiative petition.  

If HJR1 passes, the likelihood is greatly decreased that this extreme amendment to the Ohio State Constitution will come to pass.

Though the majority of Republican Representatives have promised to vote in favor of the bill, we need to guarantee its passage. The following representatives have not yet pledged their support and need to hear from you.

In addition to calling the representatives listed above, please call Speaker Jason Stephens at  614-466-1366 and urge him to bring HJR1 to the floor quickly.  

“As Martin Luther King Jr. rightly pointed out, ‘An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,’” said Troy Newman, Operation Rescue President. “Regardless of our own states of residence, we must come together and fight for our innocent neighbors in Ohio.  All this requires of us is a few phone calls to save countless Ohio babies. Let’s do it today.”