Babies, Women, and Families in Ohio Need Our Help!

We wrote to you last week about work underway to block extreme abortion efforts in Ohio. Tomorrow is a pivotal day in this battle.

If you reside in Ohio or are close enough to drive, please make last-minute arrangements to be at the Statehouse in Columbus tomorrow, Wednesday, May 10, in a white t-shirt, along with the other pro-lifers present:

Pro-life Rally

10 a.m.
Pro-lifers will meet on the east side of the Statehouse near the corner of E. State and S. 3rd Streets

12 p.m.
Pro-lifers will enter the Statehouse Atrium together and line up to enter the public sections of the chamber

If you are unable to be present in person, you can help by:

  • Contacting Ohio Speaker of the House Jason Stevens (R-Kitts Hill) (See information below for why this is so important)

Call 614-466-1366 or click HERE to email him | Respectfully ask him to allow votes on the “60% Amendment” and the “August Special Election.”

  • Pray, pray, pray. Please pray for the elected officials in Ohio.  Pray that they have the courage to withstand the pro-abortion pressure and pass the 60% Amendment and the August Special Election.

If you missed our last report about this, you need to know about two pieces of legislation moving through the Ohio House of Representatives that need your immediate attention! 

 1) A change to the number of votes required at the ballot box to amend the Ohio state constitution.

If the legislation before the Statehouse tomorrow (Wednesday) passes the House and gets 50% +1 votes (a simple majority) in August , the Ohio Constitution will be amended to require all future constitutional amendments to achieve a 60% vote (a super majority) to take effect.   

The reason we want this 60% Amendment to be passed by the Statehouse and the voters is that it will require the “Pro-Abortion Amendment” we have been fighting since March, to secure 60% of the vote, instead of the current 50% +1.

2) The establishment of a special election in August that enables Ohio voters to decide whether to amend the constitution. This needs to happen before the radical pro-abortion ballot initiative makes it to the ballot.

The vote for these two pieces of legislation is scheduled for tomorrow. The Senate and the Governor are ready to send the 60% Amendment to the voters. But Speaker Stephens needs to hear from us.

Here’s why:

Speaker Stephens assumed the speakership in January after 22 Republicans voted with the entire Democratic delegation.  It has been reported that Democrats voted for him as the Republican member instead of a nominee from their own party because he promised to block any efforts like the 60% Amendment.  

He could have called for floor votes on the 60% Amendment and the August Special Election at any time this year, but he has chosen not to do so.

He MUST hear from you to see that people want these pieces of legislation to pass.

“Passage of these two pieces of legislation, the 60% Amendment and the August Special Election, is our best chance at stopping the radical pro-aborts in November,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “They did it in Kansas last year, but we have to save Ohio babies from this great evil.”

Call and email today, and go to the Statehouse tomorrow if possible.