By Cheryl Sullenger

Operation Rescue has released an updated version of its popular informational page, “Abortion In America.”

This page, which contains data, graphs, and links on currently available abortion statistics all in one place, was once Operation Rescue’s most-visited page before Google searches first began suppressing the content in 2017.

The newly updated page contains more data than ever before, including information about abortion facilities in America derived from Operation Rescue’s annual abortion clinic survey, which provides the most up-to-date information available on abortion facility numbers and trends.

Data about the numbers of abortions and abortion demographics have been derived from reports issued by the Center for Disease Control’s report released on November 27, 2020, that contained data from 2018.

In contrast to the three year wait for abortion data, the number of births each year is released by the CDC early the following year.

“One has to wonder why the CDC can get the birth statistics out so quickly when we must wait three years for abortion statistics.  It also seems like every year, they release less detailed information about abortion,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

Data from the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute is included for comparison purposes, but is also years behind. Some data has not been updated since 2014.  Guttmacher annual abortion numbers are generally higher than the CDC’s numbers.  It also depends on voluntary reporting, which is incomplete.

“It’s unfortunate that the statistics related to abortion demographics are so disparate, outdated, and incomplete.  One would think that at least the CDC could do better with their staffing and budget provided at tax-payer expense,” said Newman.  “We use the CDC and Guttmacher data only because there are few other options.”

Nevertheless, Operation Rescue’s “Abortions In America” page contains a wide range of data and colorful charts that illustrate everything from the “official” abortion numbers to much more recent data, such as how much an abortion costs and where abortions are done. It also included data on how American’s view the matter of abortion.

The data is suitable for students’ homework project or for anyone who wants to understand abortion trends.

“The useful information on our Abortions In America page used to be accessed by hundreds – sometimes thousands – of people every day,” said Newman. “Because Operation Rescue is now heavily censored and suppressed on search engines and social media, please help us make our Abortion In America page accessible to those who could benefit from it by bookmarking it for personal use and sharing it to social media.”